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Climate Action

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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Carbon footprint assessment
European Parliament

Deloitte performed a carbon footprint assessment for the Parliament’s Bureau to develop reduction scenarios. Deloitte also advised the EP on a comprehensive CO2 reduction strategy to lower emissions by 30 percent by 2020.

2.     Study on resource efficiency policies for land use related to climate mitigation
DG Climate Action

The study assesses the impacts of different policy options on land use related to climate mitigation. BIO* helps the EC develop a policy framework suited to efficiently minimise land use related to GHG emissions while maximising carbon removals.

3.     Study on potential climate change effects on drinking water resources across the EU
DG Environment

The study reviews the impacts and mitigation/adaptation measures, develops a vulnerability assessment of different drinking water resources, recommendations for scientists, decision-makers and policy-makers (at local, regional, national and EU levels). The project included the organisation of an international conference. Project website:

4.     Development of methodology to assess health and environmental risk from the use of fuel metallic additives
DG Climate Action

The aim of the project was to serve as a basis for the Health and Environmental Risk Assessment report on fuel metallic additives that the Commission delivered by the end of 2012. BIO* established a preliminary risk assessment approach for determining the risks to health and environment due to the use of metallic additives in fuel regulated by Directive 98/70/EC. Final report:


*Since 26 June 2013, BIO is a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. BIO by Deloitte serves as a centre of expertise in the field of sustainability, reinforcing the abilities of the broader network.

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