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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Evaluation of communication activities of the European day of Civil Justice
DG Justice

Deloitte conducted the evaluation of the communication activities of the EC and the Council of Europe in relation to two initiatives: the European Day of Civil Justice and the Crystal Scales of Justice Award. The aim of the Crystal Scales of Justice Award is to draw attention to innovative and efficient practices for court organisation or for the conduct of judicial proceedings.

2.     Horizontal evaluation of the Management Partnerships
DG Communication

The Management Partnerships are structured partnerships between the European Commission and the Member States’ national or regional public authorities aiming to facilitate co-financing of a jointly approved communication plans. Deloitte conducted the evaluation of this structure to assess whether the Partnerships are an effective and efficient tool for achieving the European Commission’s communication objectives.

3.     Evaluation on communication targets and methods for disseminating information on trade policy areas
DG Trade

DG Trade’s communication strategy focuses on showing how trade and investment policy contributes to the triple objectives of smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. Deloitte evaluated its communication policy, strategy and activities to assess their effectiveness and efficiency.

4.     Interim evaluation of the Euronews projects
DG Communication

Deloitte has been conducting an evaluation study of the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of the ongoing Euronews projects financed by the European Commission. The evaluation will also provide sound recommendations for the future intervention cycle regarding future partnerships between the Commission and Euronews.

5.     Ex-Ante evaluation of communication activities on consumer rights
DG Justice

Deloitte conducted the evaluation to provide an evidence-based assessment of the best means to raise both citizens’ and traders’ awareness on existing consumer rights in order to contribute to the objectives set out in the European Consumer Agenda.

6.     Evaluation of the communication campaign of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
DG Communication

A commemorative campaign was conducted in 2007 for the 50th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, signed by the founding Member States of what would become the EU in March 1957. Its main objectives were to highlight the achievements of the European Union over its first 50 years and to encourage debate, foster reflection on the EU´s principles, achievements and future. Deloitte conducted the evaluation to assess to what extent the communication campaign was effective in reaching the EU citizens.

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