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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Study on "Creation of budget synergies between the European budget and the national budgets"
European Parliament

Deloitte performed a study on synergies between the European budget and national budgets to assess the level of similarity between spending patterns at EU level and national level; analyse the level of congruence between policy priorities at EU level and national level; and assess the extent of budgetary coordination between the EU level and the Member States.

2.     Impact Assessment of Solvency II
European Commission

Deloitte conducted an impact study on the likely social and economic impact of Solvency II on insurance markets and products. It also assessed the impact on insurers’ balance sheets and business behaviour of the potential policy options under consideration.

3.     Anti-Money Laundering study
DG Internal Market

Deloitte conducted a study on the application of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive. The aims of the study were the examination of how Member States have transposed AML obligations with regard to selected issues, analysis of the practical implementation of those obligations with regard to the selected issues and checking the impact of the AML Directive on identified non-financial professions

4.     Feasibility study on an EU Tax Identification Number (TIN)
DG Taxud

Deloitte conducted the first phase of this study to identify and analyse the different options to develop an EU TIN in order to improve the exchange of information relating to taxpayers’ individual cases within the EU.

5.     Study on the composition of future own resources
European Parliament, Directorate General Internal Policies

Deloitte conducted a study on the revenues of the four leading candidate taxes: Value Added Tax, excise duty on motor fuel, excise duties on alcohol and tobacco and corporate profit tax. The revenues from each tax were then assessed to determine: revenue share - the share of revenues from the candidate tax that would be required to match contribution to the EU budget, sufficiency - ability to support the existing level of budget contribution and stability - correlation between revenues and GDP per capita.

6.     Study on savings directive
DG Taxud

Deloitte supported an evaluation to provide advice on detecting the launch and recurrent cost of the implementation of the Savings Directive for the different categories of market operators involved. The study also aimed to identify the most onerous provisions in the current text of the directive.

7.     Study on customs’ penalties
DG Taxation

Deloitte conducted in-depth analysis of the potential issues for companies arising from divergence between Member States’ national legislation on customs’ penalties through gathering and analysing figures and opinions of a number of companies, trade organisations and customs authorities.

8.     Study on the future of customs union and tax cooperation in Europe
DG Taxation

Deloitte conducted a study on the future architecture of the customs union and of tax cooperation in Europe. The aim was to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the current organisational model and its ability to deal with key challenges ahead, in order to draw recommendations for the future Customs and Fiscalis programmes for the next financial period (2014-2020). 

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