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1.     Support for a Fitness Check on Water Policy
DG Environment

The purpose of the study was to undertake a fitness check, a new method introduced in the context of the Smart Regulation agenda, to identify excessive administrative burdens, overlaps, gaps, inconsistencies and/or obsolete measures, which may have appeared over time in the area of EU fresh water policy.

2.     Framework contract on Sustainable Management of Resources
DG Environment

From 2009 to 2013, BIO* coordinated the framework contract for carrying out more than 20 studies and related services to provide the necessary knowledge for the evaluation and development of policies in the area of sustainable resource management. Full list of studies

3.     Support for framing the forward-looking assessment component of the European State of the Environment and Outlook Report
European Environment Agency (EEA)

BIO* provided general support to the EEA in preparing the European State of the Environment and Outlook Report on two occasions; for both its 2010 and 2015 reports. The study assessed long-term global mega-trends, their driving forces and uncertainties that will shape Europe’s environment and policies over the next 50 years. The 2010 report

4.     Study on disturbances of EU forests caused by biotic agents
DG Environment

The study provides a scientific state of the knowledge regarding forest biotic agents in all Member States of the EU. It helps to provide guidance as to whether an increased diversity of forest management approaches helps to create forests that are more resilient to natural disturbances, climate change and alien species subject to biosecurity. Final report by BIO*.

5.     Studies on Environmental Liability Directive (ELD)
DG Environment

Since 2008, BIO* has been conducting several studies on different aspects of the implementation of the ELD (effectiveness, challenges, obstacles, opportunities, etc.) in EU Member States, on financial security issues in the context of the ELD or on covering environmental liability and loses. Dedicated website

6.     Study on potential for reducing mercury pollution from dental amalgam and batteries
DG Environment

The study assessed environmental issues associated with mercury use in dental amalgam and batteries, market review of mercury-containing and mercury-free products. An impact assessment of options was performed to address the mercury pollution problem. Final report

7.     A comparative assessment of existing policies on invasive species
DG Environment

The aim of this study was to assess the existing policies, measures and initiatives systematically, by presenting what each of EU Member States and four OECD countries have in place to deal with invasive alien species, going beyond regulations that are common to all countries (i.e. implementing EU texts), against a developed set of criteria. Final report, Country assessments by BIO*.

8.     Studies on plastic waste policy
DG Environment and DG JRC

Since 2008, BIO* has been conducting several studies on plastic waste management, policies and measures developed to reduce plastic waste and its associated impacts. Important studies: Assessment of impacts of options to reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags

Plastic waste in the environment: current situation and trends in plastic waste generation and management in Europe (incl. bioplastics and marine plastic waste); assessment of policy option scenarios and associated environmental impacts.

Study on recyclable waste plastic in the context of the development of end-of-waste criteria for the EU Waste Framework Directive.

9.     Study on soil biodiversity: functions, threats and tools for policy-makers
DG Environment

Assessment of soil biodiversity policy instruments in EU-27, the importance of soil biodiversity and of its functions in different ecological and socio-economic contexts, to devise policy responses that enable its conservation and sustainable use. Final report by BIO*.


*Since 26 June 2013, BIO is a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. BIO by Deloitte serves as a centre of expertise in the field of sustainability, reinforcing the abilities of the broader network.

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