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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Implementation of the EU Gateway Programme
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

The objective of the Gateway Programme is to assist European Union companies to get a strong foothold in the Japanese and Korean markets. Deloitte’s role is to manage the company interaction for the Commission. Selected companies benefit from expert coaching and participation in business events to optimise their search for appropriate partners in these target countries.

Recently the programme was extended to South East Asia and Deloitte will support this initiative to test if the concept works well in less mature but higher growth markets.

2.     Evaluation of communication targets and methods for disseminating information on trade policy areas
DG Trade

DG Trade’s communication strategy focuses on showing how trade and investment policy contributes to the triple objectives of smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. Deloitte evaluated its communication policy, strategy and activities to assess their effectiveness and efficiency.

3.     External audit of programmes and projects of external aid financed by the EC

DEVCO-EuropeAid's mission is to implement the external aid instruments of the European Commission. Deloitte supports the EC to conduct external audits of programmes and projects of external aid. Deloitte has performed more than 130 audits worldwide, mainly in Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

4.     Design and support strategy development and implementation
Customs and In-direct Tax Authority, Morocco

Deloitte provided support to the Moroccan Customs and Indirect Tax Authority in the development of its 2011-2015 strategy, designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue collection. In addition, the strategy identified new approaches, strategies and policies designed to protect customs revenue without negatively impacting international investment, business growth and trade. 

5.     Support for the implementation of the decentralisation system
Government of Serbia

The aim of the project was to support the Government of Serbia in developing its administrative and technical capacities in relation to the management of the Instrument for Pre-Accession. Deloitte conducted a comprehensive assessment of the management and control systems set up by the National Audit Office and the National Fund Agency to ensure that the management of funds and projects were fully in-line with EU best practice.

6.     Capacity building in the area of data protection
National Agency for Protection of Personal Data, Kosovo

Deloitte has supported activities to increase the capacities and functioning of the National Agency for the Protection of Personal Data and other actors with responsibilities in the field of protection of personal data, including supporting the Agency to complete the legal and regulatory framework on implementation and enforcement of the law.

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