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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Assessment of the socio-economic impacts of the policy options for the future of the European Small Claims’ Regulation

The objectives of the study were to evaluate the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, utility and benefit to the EU of the European Small Claims Procedure and to assess the impacts of the policy options for the future of the European Small Claims’ Regulation.

2.     Ex-Ante Evaluation of Communication Activities on Consumer Rights

The purpose of the evaluation was to provide an evidence-based assessment of the best means to raise both citizens’ and traders’ awareness on existing consumer rights in order to contribute to the objectives set out in the European Consumer Agenda.

3.     Study on European Early Warning & Response System against Cyber-Attacks
DG Connect

Deloitte supported one of the key actions initiated to support the new cyber-security strategy of the European Union. Deloitte conducted a feasibility study and preparatory activities for the implementation of a European Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) against cyber-attacks and disruptions.

4.     Research study into evidence of potential impacts of options for revising the Data Retention Directive

Deloitte developed an impact assessment study focused on data retention in the telecommunications sector, in order to support the preparation of new EU legislation in this field. A key element of the study was the assessment of the likely social and economic impacts of the policy options in order to be able to identify what action, if any, should be taken by the European Commission.

5.     Assessment of law enforcement information
DG Home

Deloitte has been assessing the state of play of cross-border exchange of law enforcement information in Member States to provide recommendations for improvement, including possible alternative paths.

6.     Study on the socio-economic impact of new measures to improve accessibility of goods and services for people with disabilities

Providers of goods and services that are accessible for people with disabilities currently face problems to sell their goods and services across borders due to regulatory fragmentation. Deloitte carried out a study to explore the nature and scale of the problem in the areas of ICT, the built environment and transport. Furthermore, it assessed the potential socio-economic impacts of possible new measures by the EU to improve the accessibility of goods and services for people with disabilities.

7.     Re-design of supporting processes: finance, HR and procurement

Deloitte carried out the Business Process Modelling (BPM) project for the administrative services: finance, HR and procurement. The project aimed to identify improvement opportunities and automation of supporting services.

8.     Upgrading of eu-LISA facility
eu-LISA (EU Agency for large-scale IT systems in the area of Home Affairs)

Deloitte has been supporting co-ordination of the design and specification of the works required to upgrade the existing facility and to construct the new office building, including applications for the appropriate French statutory approvals; review all detailed design specifications and tender documents to conform to EU procurement procedures.

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