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Examples of relevant projects

1.     The Researchers’ Report
DG Research

Deloitte received a mandate from the European Commission to produce an annual integrated report on the research profession in Europe: The Researchers’ Report. The report provides a reliable, complete and up-to-date picture of the research profession in 38 countries, taking into account country-specific policy contexts.

2.     Evaluation of the EURAXESS Project
DG Research

EURAXESS is a European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe or stay connected to it.

The purpose of the evaluation study was to assess the overall progress achieved after the re-branding and regrouping of EURAXESS Services and Jobs activities in 2008 and to evaluate the impact of EURAXESS links in the US, Japan and China on the networking of European researchers.

3.     External Evaluation of the Research Executive Agency (REA) and the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA)
DG Research

Deloitte has been asked to conduct an external evaluation of two research executive agencies (ERCEA and REA). The evaluation focused on the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of both agencies during their first three years of operation. The evaluation study also included a cost-benefit analysis, which aimed to update a prior CBA that was performed before the agencies were established.

4.     Evaluation of the information activities of the ERA-MORE network
DG Research

DG Research wanted to conduct a study to find out to what extent the ERA-MORE network had been successful in its activities and effective in reaching its objectives. The main specific operational objective of the Centres is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information and personalised assistance to all researchers seeking advice and their families in all matters relating to their mobility experiences.

5.     European Interoperability Strategy (EIS)

Deloitte has been supporting the European Commission in the implementation of the European Interoperability Strategy, having worked over four years to design and develop it. Particular attention was devoted to:

• Elaborating the EIS governance activities and creating the portfolio of relevant interoperability activities/projects at EU and Member State level; and

• Collecting, analysing and preparing the EIS review to ensure that its implementation is aligned with the EU’s political agenda and with the priorities and initiatives of the Member States regarding European public service and interoperability activities.

6.     Study of the readiness of Member States for a common pan-European network infrastructure for public services
DG Connect

The study provided insight into the readiness of Member States for a broadband backbone for public administrations across Europe. The study has collected data on existing networks and public administrations in more than 30 countries. A number of possible future scenarios have been developed on how to create a backbone infrastructure that can serve all public administrations across Europe.

7.     European eID – STORK sustainability project
DG Connect

The objectives of this assignment were to ensure the governance of the STORK sustainability and to promote the adoption of STORK solutions for establishing the interoperability of existing European eIDs. Main activities for this project included the definition and establishment of a governance structure, the update of the specifications and relevant documentation and the promotion of the STORK specifications to relevant stakeholders.

8.     The feasibility and scenarios for the long-term sustainability of the Large Scale Pilots*
DG Connect

Deloitte carried out a strategic study to assess the sustainability and future roll-out of the solutions developed by the Large Scale Pilots*. The solutions were developed in diverse eGovernment domains, ranging from eID to eJustice, and form the basis for the future of EU cross-border digital services. The current Large Scale Pilots have come to an end and Deloitte examined the governance, operations and financing aspects, which need to be considered to ensure the long-term sustainability of the developed solutions. A clear strategy was designed together with a roadmap and concrete recommendations, in order to advise on the model that should be created to ensure the adoption of the solutions and to limit their dependence on public financing in the long term.


*The Large Scale Pilots are e-government projects that develop practical solutions tested in real government service cases across Europe, e.g. e-procurement, e-Justice, e-ID.


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