From The Internet of Things to the Internet of Humans

Next Generation Internet Summit

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) has the potential to disrupt our economy, society, and environment even more than internet technologies have changed our world over the last 40 years. In order to develop a human-centric internet, where technology is utilised as a powerful tool to serve the core European values of equality and democracy, we must set the right priorities and framework.

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Global leaders, key politicians and key Deloitte leaders will be attending the Next Generation Internet Summit at the European Parliament in Brussels on 6-7 June 2017 organised by Atomium, the European institute for science, media and democracy.

This unique event will support the European Commission’s project to build a strategy together with the heads of state, leading policy makers, innovators, researchers and citizens, around the development of the internet as an open, user-centric, interoperable platform ecosystem, for the benefit of companies and citizens.

During the Summit, Vincent Fosty, Deloitte Partner, Digital Transformation Leader – Belgium, Nicolai Andersen, Deloitte Partner, Head of Innovation – Germany and Helena Lisachuk, Deloitte Director, Global IoT Initiative Leader will be sharing the floor with key players influencing the digital transformation agenda, such as Bill Gates, Chairman of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and political leaders from across the continent.

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NGI Summit

Participate to the survey on New Technologies

A survey to collect the points of view of the civil society will be supported by the media that in each publication will invite their audience to participate.

The survey will be divided into 3 parts, please click below links to participate!

European citizens are expected to express their views on what will be the largest multilingual public consultation ever deployed.

This initiative is launched by Atomium EISMD using the REIsearch platform.

REIsearch aims to establish a link between the experience of EU citizens and the expertise of its researcher in order to support the political decision-makers when they come to take decisions that have an effect on society.

Press Campaign

The Summit is preceded by a 3 weeks campaign during which major European press vehicles are publishing coordinated articles on the subject based on input partially provided by Deloitte.

Each week is dedicated to one of the 3 topics:

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