Public Transportation

With population and economic growth placing ever-greater strain on transport capacity and the environment, the search for sustainable transport solutions is becoming pressing. Decoupling transport demand from economic growth will take decades, and in the meantime joined-up policy thinking and delivery will be needed if transport is to support, and not hold back, economic, social and environmental improvements.

There are hence huge challenges ahead in the sector of public transportation in an ever demanding environment, both from a policy and an operational effectiveness perspective. All actors will continue to be confronted with complex transformation questions and projects that require integration of strategy, process, technology and people, and a blend of different skills and expertise on different domains. Only then, the public transportation sector can be a real enabler in addressing the ever rising mobility issues.

The inadequate state of certain transport infrastructure demands new thinking to speed its improvement. This means using the full complement of innovative infrastructure financing and delivery solutions that are available, while also developing new approaches to address today’s challenging credit markets. Deloitte assists Government in achieving the optimal mix of public and private sector participation in transport infrastructure projects to maximize public  value. We also support private companies in preparing and negotiating competitive bids for PPP contracts.

Many of the challenges now confronting clients in the transport sector and public transportation in particular require hence an integrated multidisciplinary approach. Deloitte can offer you such breadth and depth of capability.

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