Service for Foreign Policy Instruments 

Policy Implementation 

The Service for Foreign Policy Instruments of the European Commission is responsible for the EU's external actions and diplomatic relations all over the world. Deloitte has assisted the service in several implementation projects mainly focused on supporting European SME's with their business development in the Far East and South East Asia.

Since 2008, Deloitte has implemented the EU Gateway Programme and the Executive Training Programme, both programmes supporting European companies with their business plans in Japan and South Korea. In 2014 - 2015, European companies with a focus on South East Asia, mainly Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam were offered support via the EU Business Avenues Programme.

EU Gateway Programme to Japan and South Korea

The objective of the EU Gateway Programme is to assist European Union companies, and mainly SMEs, to get a strong foothold on the Japanese and Korean markets. EU Gateway helps European businesses to succeed in Japan and Korea by providing support at the crucial early stages of their market penetration strategy. From 2008 to 2014, Deloitte’s role was to manage the company interaction for the European Commission. We pro-actively screened technology (from healthcare to ICT) and high-end design sectors in the European Union in order to identify best potential partners from a technological, economic and strategic perspective. Selected companies benefit from expert coaching and participate in business events to optimise their search for appropriate business partners in the target countries. During the six business mission cycles, close to 1000 European companies participated in a mission. The Programme supplements the efforts made at regulatory dialogue level to remove regulatory obstacles and complement Free Trade Agreement processes in both countries.

EU Gateway Programme Results

EU Business Avenues to South East Asia

Following the success of EU Gateway, a pilot programme to South East Asia was launched in 2013 based on the well-proven format of EU Gateway. EU Business Avenues aims to strengthen the presence of European companies, especially SMEs, in South East Asia by organising one-week business missions to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Deloitte supported the European Commission in the organisation of three business missions during 2014 and 2015 in two sectors , Clean Technology and Interior Design. EU Business Avenues provides strategic, logistic and financial EU support for European SMEs to gain first-hand experience of dynamic, local markets in ASEAN and to establish business contacts with South East Asian companies. Close to 120 EU companies received a package of matchmaking, networking, coaching and customised support services for their entry in South East Asia while testing the concept of using Singapore as a hub to do business in the region. Deloitte has unmatched insights into the delivery of business support activities and the way in which they can successfully strengthen the presence of EU companies in developed and developing markets. Interested in how a business mission looks in reality? Click here.

The Executive Training Programme to Japan and South Korea (ETP)

The Executive Training Programme to Japan and South Korea (ETP) is a business cooperation programme with Japan and South Korea under the European Commission’s Industrialised Countries Instrument (ICI). It aims to strengthen the presence of EU companies in Japan and South Korea – difficult markets to penetrate - and provide a competitive advantage to European businesses aiming to achieve this, through training of EU executives, while enhancing mutual understanding of cultures and facilitating the exchange of knowledge. Of the 1000 plus EU business people who participated in the programme over this period, 122 did so in the last 3 cycles since 2011 for which Deloitte supported the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) in implementing the ETP, particularly for promotion of the programme, recruitment and assessment of candidates, as well as general coordination. Check out the ETP live here.

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