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How can technology driven transparency fuel the Capital Markets Union?

Deloitte Belgium in collaboration with the European Commission (DG FISMA) is hosting a conference on the future of financial reporting in the digital era.

The European Commission has made a range of important proposals for the creation of new opportunities across the Single Market for businesses and investors. An example is the creation of a European Electronic Access Point (EEAP), as mandated by the Transparency Directive, with the purpose of ensuring transparency when it comes to companies’ information. Despite these advances, the EEAP is yet to be implemented and company information remains not easy to access.

This year, Deloitte supported the European Commission (DG FISMA and DIGIT) in building the European Financial Transparency Gateway (EFTG), a pilot project using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to brake the barriers and provide cross-border information from a single access point.

In collaboration with the

This project contributes to shaping the opportunity for a DLT enabled European access platform, laying the foundation for industry participants to share regulatory information and improving transparency and integration within the Capital Markets Union.

Data has become the new ‘gold’. Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence will fuel the 21st-century’s economy. Companies feeding the markets with a lot of financial or non-financial information could represent an important part of this. Private financial services providers are already showing a huge appetite for ‘consuming’ this modern commodity. Investors need better access to that information in a simple and easily comparable way.

Alain Deckers, EC – DG FISMA

In this context, Deloitte and the European Commission (DG FISMA) are hosting a conference focused on the future of technology driven financial reporting and information transparency for a more efficient and effective capital markets union.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

When: Wednesday 2 October, 2019,  from 10:00 to 16:00

Where: Deloitte Consulting & Advisory, Gateway Building, Luchthaven Nationaal 1 J, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

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