Technology advice and implementation

European Institutions

We provide services along the whole chain from the assessment of the optimal IT strategy and architecture, to the complete design and implementation of the systems that support the operations of the DG/service/ Agency/Institution. This can cover an application for a specific purpose or can be a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system to support all operations of a department or organisational unit. We also deliver services in IT audit and security/ vulnerability assessments, data management, IT project and quality management, reviews of compliance with data privacy requirements and extensive training for EU staff in IT systems covering financial management, procurement, internal controls and so on.

The European Institutions CIO Management Framework

Deloitte’s European Institutions CIO Management FrameworkTM facilitates EU officials to perform assessments, develop strategies and achieve transformation relating to current issues. It is a tool that helps the institutions and agencies of the EU make the most of their technology investments. It allows them to see where they are - and where they want to go – and provides tools and techniques to help them get started. The framework was developed by taking industry best practice from many large and successful commercial companies - and custom-tailoring them for government use. It features 16 comprehensive modules (11 disciplines and 5 perspectives) covering the full range of IT capabilities, from strategy planning and innovation -to delivery, sourcing, and governance.

IT Strategy & Governance

  • Agile and business focused IT Strategy: The business/working environment is changing ever more rapidly in response to economic and political pressures and a quest for higher levels of efficiency – and IT is expected to not only keep pace with this change, but to drive it. We can help you develop a strategy that addresses the current challenges and provides a clear and practicable way forward.
  • Bridging the divide between strategy and implementation: We take a flexible approach to strategy projects, ranging from high level strategic reviews to focused research into particular aspects including technology, application, efficiency, management and governance, organisation and sourcing, resources, project portfolio or financial control. Whatever the focus, we have proven methods and techniques that allow our practitioners to make rapid progress in finding the right direction for your organisation.
  • Professionalising IT: As cost pressures are imposed, investment in new IT solutions is often the first thing to go. But by simply culling projects, organisations are restricting IT's ability to address the underlying inefficiencies within IT itself. The challenge is to transform IT service delivery by making changes to the processes, structure, tools and culture of the IT department. In this way, we can reduce the “run the company” costs – and reinvest in “change” activities at the same time. In summary, we help you professionalise IT.
  • IT Audit: The range of services provided by Deloitte includes IT and Information Systems Audits. We examine your IT infrastructure by collecting and evaluating indicators of your organisation's information systems, practices, and operations. The evaluation of the obtained indicators determines the extent to which your IT infrastructure and information systems safeguard assets, maintain data integrity, and operate effectively and efficiently to achieve the goals and objectives of your organisation.
  • IT cost control: 70% of all organisations are either running or planning a cost reduction programme - and as IT typically constitutes between 15 and 30% of an organisation's cost base, it is an obvious target. Traditional “slash and burn” cost reduction exercises generate short-term cutbacks but ignore the need for sustainable savings. Long-term benefits are only achieved by applying a robust cost control approach that creates a sustainable low-cost IT model while balancing the need to deliver value to the organisation
  • SAP: EU departments who are looking to maximise the value from SAP investment, ask Deloitte to help out, as our technology skills and breadth of services match SAP’s far-reaching capabilities. Deloitte offers end-to-end services to help with the implementation of SAP solutions:
    • Functional services: Mapping EU processes to the standard SAP solution, allowing you to get the most out of the standard SAP system;
    • Technical services: Configuring SAP to meet the EU requirements, allowing you to tailor SAP to your needs; and
    • Project management services: Managing your SAP projects, taking into account the specific challenges of implementing the SAP environment.
  • Oracle: Our Oracle technology offering includes:
    • Driving Oracle-enabled transformation;
    • Providing process and transformation improvements for an implementation;
    • Providing value driven implementation services on Oracle product lines;
    • Defining information strategies, leveraging Oracle applications and technology;
    • Providing technical integration services for Oracle’s technology stack; and
    • Building joint Oracle initiatives to provide the market with a new perspective and service.
  • Outsourcing advisory: Deloitte provides an end-to-end service, from evaluating of sourcing options, through to supplier selection and programme management of any subsequent transition. We combine deep technology skills and a leading edge procurement capability with a wide range of specialist skills in areas such as deal financing, business case development, SLA production, due diligence and commercial negotiation. In addition, we know the supplier market intimately. We can help you assess suppliers’ capabilities, and have a sound understanding of the pricing and commercial structure of the major market players.
  • Providing expert resources:  Deloitte Technology Resources is a complementary offering of highly motivated people with adequate technology skills, who work in a staff augmentation mode on activities managed by the client and at their premises, mainly during implementation phases of projects. Deloitte Technology Resources provides expertise on:
    • IT architecture
    • Enterprise applications
    • Application development
    • Information management
    • Database administration
    • Testing
    • Security management
    • Project management
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