Are you Brexit ready?

Helping you navigate through uncertainty

Three-stage approach

The UK vote to leave the EU is the first of its kind, signifying the start of an untested negotiation process with unknown consequences for individuals and organisations.

What does this mean for your business? Are you ready to adapt quickly and identify new opportunities?

To accelerate your thinking and help you navigate your way through uncertainty, we have developed a three-stage approach, which is modular and will be tailored to your needs. Our approach will help you to:

  • Explore the impacts on your organisation
  • Identify specific risks and opportunities
  • Develop a strategic response
  • Execute at pre-defined trigger-points.
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Key contacts

Richard Doherty

Richard Doherty

EMEA Public Sector Leader

Richard is the EMEA Public Sector Leader at Deloitte. He is also the Public Sector Industry leader for the North West Europe member firm; and is co-leading the firm’s global response to Brexit.... More

Eric Callewaert

Eric Callewaert

Managing Partner Clients & Industries

Eric Callewaert has over 18 years of experience providing consulting services to organisations. Focusing on strategy and operations, Eric has managed multiple large transformation projects for clients... More

Johan Van Grieken

Johan Van Grieken

Partner, Risk Advisory

Johan is leading the IT Risk Consulting team in Belgium. He has specialised in the risks of governance, continuity, quality and sourcing. He leads consulting and assurance missions, helping clients to... More