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Deloitte brings professional methodological tools and approaches. We help EU Institutions and agencies align people and organisation strategies. We provide Organisation, Change and Talent solutions to enhance organisational performance, productivity and efficency through people; and we optimise HR Strategy & HR operations.

On 14 November 2013, during the HR Excellence Award 2013 ceremony, Deloitte Belgium was announced as the winner in two categories: 

  • Best HR Strategy & Transformation Consulting Company
  • Best Social & Employment Company

The HR Excellence Awards celebrate Belgium’s HR suppliers by recognising performance in terms of innovation, achievement, quality of service, and value delivered to HR departments.


  • Strategic change and Organisational transformation: Organisations are constantly changing for various reasons (e.g. new business strategy, operating model, etc.). Those changes need to be effectively planned and managed. Deloitte offers several approaches in order to manage changes effectively. Culture change, technology adoption, moving to New Ways of Working and organisation design are methodologes that can be used depending on the needs of the organisation. Deloitte has a dedicated team of consultants that are trained and experienced in these methodologies and can help to make every organisational change a success.
  • Leadership & learning services: Hidden dynamics are invisible forces that make or break the performance of an organization. They are omnipresent and govern most of your decisions. Still, they are left unmanaged. Deloitte's offering on leadership helps organisations to manage their leadership issues. Within the Human Capital team, our certified coaches are experts in leadership and team coaching, 360° evaluation and team effectiveness assessments. In order to develop an organisation, learning is key. Deloitte has developed innovative learning solutions (including gamification and blended learning) and can implement them in client organisations as part of a learning and development strategy. 
  • Strategic workforce management: Talent issues are at the top of the agenda for organisations. The talent market is changing rapidly and organisations need to react fast. Deloitte can help you to define a talent strategy and roadmap, identify the critical segments/functions to optimise Internal Workforce Planning and Management, optimise policies, processes and systems related to external workforces  and make generational & diversity strategies and plans. 
  • Knowledge management & collaboration: In order to make an organisation more efficient, knowledge management is key. Deloitte can help your organisation to build knowledge management and succession planning strategies; design & implement approaches to knowledge management (capture, store, transfer) and assist in selecting and using technologies to support knowledge management and social networking. Deloitte is also the ideal partner to support your organisation in the change management that goes together with the implementation of knowledge management systems. 
  • HR strategy & operations: The HR department is a key department in every organisation. Deloitte can help to translate the organization’s overall strategy into an effective and actionable HR strategy, measure the effectiveness and efficiency of key HR practices, processes and policies (incl. staff capabilities and technologies)  and demonstrate the ROI of HR and measure and report on the value of your HR Strategy. Deloitte is also well placed to assess the current HR organisation and analyze the options for an  improved HR Service Delivery Model, to design and implement the HR Service Delivery model (incl processes, technologies, governance, etc..) and to monitor and quantify the performance of the HR function (SLAs and KPIs). 
  • HR Technology: We can assist your organisation with insights and support in making technology choices and managing technology, including HR IS architecture and/or HCM Suite implementation (e.g. Oracle Fusion, Taleo HCM suite, SuccesFactors, SAP, etc.)

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