COVID-19 – Real Estate Newsletter

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents great challenges and disruptions and the real estate sector is not escaping unscathed. Many real estate investors are confronted with unpaid rents, exceptional rental discounts and/or tenant bankruptcy while numerous developers face unproductivity in the construction sector / important delays in the delivery of immovable projects and/or decreases in sales prices and volumes.

The extent of the damage caused by the outbreak and the lockdown measures cannot be fully established nor can the long-term consequences be assessed at this stage. In this newsletter, we present some relevant attention points and mitigation measures. 

We present our findings on the probable need for additional quasi equity as financial lever for specific bank loans.  We look at how best to manage tax cash in a COVID-19 world and also at real estate management issues, including the hot topic of non-payment of rent.  We have also added specific corporate vignettes on the impact on annual shareholder meetings and notary deeds. And last but not least, we investigate the rapidly evolving effects of the gradual reopening on real estate valuations.

COVID-19 Real Estate Newsletter
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