Gaining Momentum

EPRA Annual Report Survey 2014/15

We are pleased to present you the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) Annual Reports Survey 2014/15 conducted by Deloitte. This survey comprises a review of 106 Annual Reports from leading listed real estate companies across Europe to assess compliance with EPRA’s Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) updated in December 2014.

The EPRA Deloitte survey shows the largest year-on-year improvement of quality in financial reporting in Europe. Implementation of EPRA’s Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) is gaining momentum with 33 Gold awards granted to real estate companies against 24 last year. Some 18 companies included in the survey last year achieved a higher award this year.

Belgium leads the way

The Belgian sector of SIR-GVVs outperforms the industry in Europe with 6 out of 8 Belgian companies surveyed achieving a Gold award: Aedifica and Intervest Offices & Warehouses achieve the best in class status for the first time in 2015 and join the prime group made up of Cofinimmo, Befimmo, Leasinvest Real Estate and Warehouses De Pauw. First time surveyed Retail Estates NV achieves a Silver award, and Wereldhave Belgium is recognised as part of the Gold awarded wider Wereldhave group.

With a 100 % award winning coverage, the Belgian public real estate sector is championing the quality of annual financial reporting by listed property companies in Europe.

For more details, please download the EPRA Survey.

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