European Powers of Construction 2014

The annual European Powers of Construction study (EPoC) is concerned with the performance of construction companies.

It includes a ranking of the largest companies, professional articles on the development in the construction sector, investment opportunities as part of infrastructure on developing markets, key risks published in financial statements, and the construction industry and the environment.

The Deloitte European Powers of Construction, reveals that after a five-year period of continuous contraction, moderate growth is expected for the European construction industry in 2014. Developed economies, including Belgium, have significant investment needs because of the need to adapt infrastructure to current quality, efficiency and sustainability standards. Although European construction groups can expect some positive developments in their home markets in the coming years, their strategic focus will remain on expanding their business in terms of geographical locations and activities performed.

The Deloitte European Powers of Construction identifies and compares the major listed European construction groups in the framework of the evolution of the construction industry. In this year’s eleventh edition a new section on financial analysis was added, as well as a brief description of the main non-European competitors that the EPoC could meet on the international markets.

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