Property Index 2018

Overview of European Residential Markets

Property Index, Overview of European Residential Markets, with its six-year history, has become one of the most important European real estate publications.

In this context, we are pleased to present to you the seventh edition. Property Index analyses factors influencing the development of residential markets and compares residential property prices in selected European countries and cities. Our goal is to provide you with European residential market data on a regular basis and answers to questions on how Europeans live and at what costs.

To summarise all important outputs from our research we outlined in the introductory part the key trends we believe resonate on the residential market the most. Two of them are further elaborated in greater detail in the focus chapter in order to be a bigger subject in public discussion.

Most presented indicators are on a year-on year basis and are to some extent also influenced by geopolitical situations or various factors affecting the volume of supply and demand.

Property Index was prepared by a proven international and cross-functional team of Deloitte professionals in the development, mortgage and real estate markets.

This publication has been prepared using data collected by individual Deloitte offices in selected countries.

Property Index capitalises on Deloitte’s extensive knowledge of the real estate and development industry, enabling us to provide you with independent and credible information.

We hope you will find this seventh issue of the publication interesting and inspiring for you and for your business.

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