Real Estate Newsletter  

November 2020

This edition of our Real Estate Newsletter once again zooms in on some recent tax, legal and other hot topics affecting the Belgian real estate sector.

Now that Belgium finally has a new Federal Government, new tax measures are inevitable, all the more so in times of crisis. One of the tax measures announced in the government agreement will most likely also affect the real estate (development) sector as it relates to the reduced VAT rate of 6% for demolition and reconstruction.

Also very relevant for the real estate (development) sector, is the recent decision of the Court of Justice that addresses VAT deduction in relation to brokerage fees, publicity and general costs in the context of segregated land and construction companies. 

Next to that, some interesting legal changes to co-ownership legislation have been implemented as a result of a decision of the Constitutional Court of February this year. 

And last but not least, our real estate financial advisory specialist share some interesting views on the re-definition of the purpose of office buildings in the ‘new normal’.

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