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Deloitte Real Estate supports public sector and corporate clients with strategic and development advice. Our deep understanding of the challenges facing the different industries combined with our expertise in real estate mean we are uniquely placed to advise the public sector and corporate actors on real estate issues.

Our combined knowledge of financial, tax, accounting and commercial matters of real estate allows us to provide comprehensive strategic advice on the management/development of real estate assets of corporate and public entities. Our role is to assist owner/occupiers to get the most out of their real estate by defining with them the positioning of the assets alongside its life cycle and, consequently, assisting them to define a strategy to lease, refurbish, redevelop, manage or finance their real estate assets. These analyses can lead to lease negotiation, sale & lease back, relocation, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) or other strategies depending on the type of real estate/infrastructure, the defined strategy for the asset, the ownership, the need for financing, etc.

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Frédéric Sohet

Frédéric Sohet

Partner, Financial Advisory

Frédéric is Partner Financial Advisory - M&A, Restructuring and Real Estate at Deloitte Belgium and is leading the Real Estate & Infrastructure advisory practice. His experience includes Real estate v... More