Audit Committee Brief

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Audit Committee Brief is Deloitte's publication for audit committee members. It provides recommendations, overviews of corporate governance resources, regulatory and legislative environment outlooks and technical updates.

Issue 24 - December 2016
  • Highlights of the 2016 AICPA conference on current SEC and PCAOB developments
  • Publication helps audit committees prepare for revenue recognition standard
  • CAQ issues Non-GAAP financial measures: Continuing the conversation
  • PCAOB’s Standing Advisory Group discusses best practices for effective auditor and audit committee communication
  • Risky business: SEC focuses on internal controls
  • Tax policy decisions ahead: Impact of the 2016 elections
  • SEC issues report on the modernization and simplification of Regulation S-K
  • FASB proposes amending the scope of modification accounting for share-based payment arrangements
Audit Committee Brief - December 2016
Issue 23 - November 2016
  • More information available to investors on audit committee oversight of auditor
  • Non-GAAP and company control
  • An important partnership between the PCAOB and audit committees
  • Video examines the audit committee’s oversight of the external auditor
  • Driving innovation in accounting and auditing
  • SEC comment letters - Statistics according to “Edgar”
Audit Committee Brief - November 2016
Issue 22 - October 2016
  • Minding the non-GAAP measures
  • Fireside chat on financial reporting of non-GAAP measures
  • SEC reminds registrants of leading practices for implementing new standards
  • Cybersecurity risk management initiative
  • PCAOB’s agenda indicates auditor’s reporting model in final draft 
  • A roadmap to applying the new revenue recognition standard
Audit Committee Brief - October 2016
Issue 21 - September 2016
  • Deloitte issues roadmap on non-GAAP financial measures
  • Intercompany accounting becomes a growing focus of regulatory authorities
  • Skill gaps and lack of influence concern chief audit executives
  • Audit inspections show some improvements in internal control audits
  • Sustainability reporting adds up to real numbers
  • Thinking allowed: The new lease accounting
  • FASB issues guidance on cash flow classification
  • A roadmap to consolidation - Identifying a controlling financial interest
Audit Committee Brief - September 2016
Issue 20 - August 2016
  • CEOs see realistic public reporting as an integral component of good corporate governance
  • Controls and non-GAAP measures
  • SEC proposes to eliminate outdated, duplicative disclosure requirements
  • CFO Insights: Seven hidden costs of a cyberattack
  • FASB proposes improvements to income tax disclosure requirements
  • PCAOB issues a staff inspection brief on the scope and objectives of 2016 auditor inspections
Audit Committee Brief - August 2016
Issue 19 - July 2016
  • CAQ issues publication on non-GAAP measures
  • Financial reporting considerations related to the UK’s vote to leave the EU
  • SEC chair focuses on board diversity, non-GAAP financial measures and sustainability
  • Internal controls face heightened scrutiny and more documentation
  • SEC proposes disclosure-related updates and simplification
  • FASB issues final standard on accounting for credit losses
  • FASB tentatively decides on income tax disclosure requirements
  • SEC issues final rule on resource extraction disclosures
Audit Committee Brief - July 2016
Issue 18 - June 2016
  • Mind the non-GAAP
  • Improvements to audit committee composition discussed at forum
  • Few companies say they are prepared for FASB’s new leasing rule
  • IOSCO releases results of survey on oversight of auditors
  • PCAOB re-proposes changes to the auditors’ report
  • SEC adopts interim final rule on summaries in Form 10-K annual reports
Audit Committee Brief - June 2016
Issue 17 - May 2016
  • A snapshot of the FASB’s new lease accounting standard
  • SEC staff discusses reporting considerations related to the new revenue standard
  • Core principles of high-quality ethics and compliance programs identified in ECI report
  • Driving innovation in audit
  • PCAOB reproposes changes to the auditors’ reporting model
  • PCAOB issues staff inspection briefs 
  • PCAOB issues proposal for audits involving other auditors
Audit Committee Brief - May 2016
Issue 16 – April 2016
  • CAQ report highlights evolving role of the audit committee around the world
  • Top 10 questions to ask when using a non-GAAP measure
  • SEC seeks comments on disclosure requirements in Regulation S–K
  • Inspections show high compliance with PCAOB audit committee communication rules
  • PCAOB seeks feedback on engagement quality review standard
  • PCAOB posts updated standard-setting agenda
Audit Committee Brief - April 2016
Issue 15 – March 2016
  • Audit committees discuss the growing demand for disclosure
  • Understanding cybersecurity and the external audit
  • Interacting with audit committees: The way forward for internal audit
  • SEC outlines priorities at annual conference
  • Reaching a consensus on management review controls
  • COSO ERM update will seek to elevate risk discussions
  • CAQ videos examine critical issues, including PCAOB priorities
  • FASB’s new standard brings most leases onto the balance sheet
Audit Committee Brief - March 2016

Issue 14 – February 2016

  • SEC director highlights the continued focus on enforcement and gatekeepers
  • BlackRock CEO and the SEC address long-term views
  • Disclosures of audit committees’ role increasing
  • IIA seeks to raise bar on internal audit practices
  • A year in review from the Center for Audit Quality
  • Recent FASB updates
Audit Committee Brief - February 2016

Issue 13 - January 2016

This issue of the Audit Committee Brief  includes highlights on the following topics: 

  • Audit committee workloads complicate the search for qualified candidates
  • Chairman Golden addresses the FASB’s 2016 priorities
  • Center for Audit Quality report provides insights on audit quality indicators (AQIs)
  • Regulators suggest doubling down on internal controls
  • PCAOB posts updated standard-setting agenda
  • Accounting Roundup: Year in Review
  • PCAOB requires disclosure of engagement partner and other audit participants
Audit Committee Brief - January 2016
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