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Deloitte Belgium proudly presents Deloitte Directors Net, a dedicated community for directors that aims at promoting dialogue and peer exchange on corporate governance and other business topics that impact companies and their boards.

Through Deloitte Directors Net, Deloitte wants to assist directors in facing the challenges they are confronted with at board level, turning them into an advantage.

Deloitte Directors Net offerings

Deloitte Directors Net addresses all board members, including those with an audit, remuneration and nomincation committee membership and offers:

  • Timely, relevant and easily accessible information on the most recent developments at board level;
  • Deeper insights into board issues, covering both corporate governance as well as presssing business issues that require director’s attention;
  • A gateway to peer feedback through our Deloitte Directors and Committee D-Briefs, a series of events that will be organised on a regular basis.

Directors Desk

To actively support the director community, Deloitte has created a unique website that provides a one-stop shop for the latest evolutions at board level. It contains both Belgian and global governance publications that are relevant for board members and serves as a communication channel and single point of contact for directors.

Director D-Briefs

Via our Director D-Briefs, Deloitte organises regular events on relevant governance and business topics with the objective to share and discuss the latest insights and best practices with board members.

Committee D-Briefs

Through the organisation of specific events for respectively audit, remuneration and nomination committee members, we will dig deeper into the hot topics for these committees.

Director alerts

This newsletter covers the most pressing governance issues and trends for boards of directors on both a global and a national level and will be available through the Deloitte Directors Desk website.


Deloitte has established two unique partnerships in Belgium which allows us to remain on the frontline of the latest governance developments and best practices.

Together with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Deloitte hosts the Deloitte Chair on Governance & Risk that conducts research in the field of corporate governance and brings together directors of listed companies for in-depth reflections on new governance developments and practices.

Deloitte’s partnership with Guberna, the Belgian Institute of directors focuses on shareholder governance and corporate governance in state-owned enterprises. 

Stay ahead with the latest governance news and board developments

Stay informed about the latest global and national developments and trends in corporate governance and board matters by joining our Deloitte Directors Net mailing list. By subscribing, you will automatically receive any of the following publications immediately upon publication:

  • Directors alerts
  • Boardroom - Hot topics
  • Audit committee briefs
  • Director 360 studies
  • Women in the board room
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