Director 360: Degrees of Progress

Boards are becoming more sensitive to the way they are accountable

The Deloitte Global Centre for Corporate Governance (“Global Centre”) is proud to present the results of their 2nd edition of the global director survey, which provides perspectives on the views and concerns of directors serving on boards around the world.

The Global Centre solicited views from these non-executive directors on a variety of top of mind corporate governance matters ranging from board composition, to regulation, risk oversight and the directors’ role in strategy.

As part of the Director 360 initiative, Deloitte member firms interviewed 288 board chairmen and directors in 19 countries around the world on the topic of board effectiveness and the issues, challenges and opportunities that boards face. This represents a meaningful increase compared to last year's director participation of 215 directors interviewed across 12 countries.

In this year's snapshot, views of directors' opinions are provided on a variety of specific boardroom challenges, and their perceptions on how the roles of directors will continue to evolve.

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