Best Value Centre of Excellence

Deloitte, Laga and Best Value Group Netherlands are partnering to set up a Best Value Centre of Excellence in Belgium.

In the current procurement market, the focus is shifting from price to Total Cost of Ownership to eventually focus on value as a central concept. The Best Value Approach is a data-driven new methodology that puts value at the center and that focusses on selecting the expert on the market that can successfully realise your project, whilst maximizing value within the given budget.

Therefore, Deloitte and Laga partnered up with Best Value Group Netherlands, the expert on Best Value in the Netherlands, to found a joint Belgian Best Value Centre of Excellence, offering trainings, project delivery services and thought leadership.

Want to know more about the Best Value Approach? Deloitte, Laga, Best Value Group and Fluvius are sharing experiences and credentials about the added value that the Best Value Approach can bring for your procurement organization at our Best Value Seminar on March 10th, 2020.

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