Corporate Compliance conference of 29 May 2018


The Deloitte Risk Advisory and Euronext Corporate Compliance conference took place on 29 May 2018 to discuss the main trends in the Corporate compliance landscape in Belgium. The conference served as a platform to share experiences, best practices and challenges that Compliance Professionals face nowadays.

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The second edition of the corporate compliance conference organised in joint collaboration between Deloitte and Euronext took place on 29th May in Brussels. Compliance professionals and practitioners from diverse sectors participated in the event.

The conference started with a keynote speech by the CEO and Chairman of Euronext Brussels Vincent Van Dessel. He pointed out the increasing importance of Compliance provided that the regulatory environment is now more confrontational.

His presentation was followed by Laurent Claassen, Partner in Risk Advisory Deloitte Belgium, who stressed the message brought by the results of the Corporate Compliance Benchmark survey conducted by Deloitte in Belgium.

The following speakers participated in the conference and addressed significant topics highlighting their own area of practice and expertise:

  • Market Abuse Regulations, how to be Compliant by John Engholm – Euronext
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance at Bekaert by Veerle Verscheure - Group Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager at Bekaert
  • Compliance organization in AB InBev by Martim Della Valle - Global Head of Compliance & Head of Anti-trust and Litigation at AB Inbev
Compliance in Belgium: A closer look at the Corporate Sector

As in previous years, the conference fostered a platform to share key areas, notably the foundation of existing corporate governance, good business practices and ethical business group decisions. The opening presentation revealed the results of the second Corporate Compliance Survey conducted in 2017 ‘Compliance in Belgium a closer look at the Corporate Sector’.

The feedback from the participants of the survey was used to address the following topics:

  • The foundation of existing governance models and the motivators for creating a Compliance culture;
  • The activities and responsibilities that compliance departments and officers have;
  • The specific risks and mechanisms to mitigate identified Compliance risks and the panorama of the compliance function in the coming years.

Overall, it is clear that Compliance professionals are facing challenging times ahead considering regulatory uncertainty and even more stringent regulatory requirements in certain areas of Compliance. This is certainly an opportunity for companies to work with a broader scope of regulators and to outline the Compliance future in their companies identifying the priorities.

In the closing panel session, Martim Della Valle highlighted the initiatives to embed compliance in the daily business operations both in terms of culture as in terms of internal reporting and monitoring making use of disruptive technologies. He recommended that Compliance should work hand in hand with the business being on top of the business activities: ‘knowing the business is a priority for compliance practitioners’ he concluded.

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