Extended enterprise risk management survey 2019

Organisations are streamlining and simplifying third party risk management technology across diverse operating units.

Our 2019 survey confirms our prediction last year that a three tiered approach for third party risk management will continue. Very few organisations want to develop complex bespoke solutions.

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Smartly coordinated investments in third party risk management technology across three tiers can drive efficiency, reduce costs, improve service levels, increase return on equity, and create a more sustainable operating model.

  • More than 59% of the respondents adopt tier one – enterprise resource planning (ERP) or procurement platforms that establish a common foundation and operational discipline for EERM. 
  • Three quarters (75%) adopt tier two – risk management solutions that are either EERM specific risk management packages (18%) or generic integrated risk management solutions tailored for EERM use (57%)
  • Tier three – risk domain specific technologies – such as financial viability, financial crime, sustainability and cyber threats – continue to grow.

Download the full report for further insight, including industry and geography highlights.

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