The risk intelligent series

Bringing risk intelligence to your organisation

This series of white papers offers valuable insights on how to manage risk from multiple perspectives

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The risk intelligent general counsel - Discard the compass and get a GPS

The legal and regulatory terrain has gotten rougher, yet the general counsel (GC) must not only keep up, but stay ahead. Trying to do so with the frameworks, thinking, and tools of the past can be frustrating. It may be time to update, to move from giving your organization a sense of direction to providing more guidance and leadership in this area.

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A risk intelligent approach to managing global supply chains - Supply chain resilience

This whitepape provides a framework for identifying and analyzing all forms of supply chain risk. It describes the key pillars of a resilient supply chain – visibility, flexibility, collaboration and control – and offers a five-step approach that can help companies make their supply chains more resilient. It also profiles a number of leading organizations that have put the concept into action.

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