Deloitte Identity and Authentication Service (DIAS)

An affordable, secure and flexible Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform  

DIAS is a cost-effective and easy-to-use IAM platform, available as a service. Widely used by Deloitte employees and customers, it is well known and trusted by end-users. Security assessments and updates are completed on a regular basis in order to guarantee that the platform remains maximally secured.

Optimise and manage the authentication experience of your users in a secure way

User Management

DIAS handles user and role management in a flexible way thanks to an organisation-services-contracts model.

Key Benefits & Results

Identity management features enabling high operational efficiency Broad support of both on premise applications and cloud services Low deployment and management costs

Key Features

Delegated user management Support for both internal and external users Single Sign-On with seamless application switch Broad range of built-in authentication methods Adaptive authentication methods selection Easy integration with any existing identity providers (company infrastructure, Google, Facebook, …) Easy integration with serviceproviders Extendable platform Regular security assessment and updates

Delegated user management allows local administrators to manage their users conveniently, removing the burden of over-charged central administration services.

Besides, Self-Service enables users to manage their attributes and references and reset their password.

Statistics on authentication per application, user type, method type, strength type and frequency use (daily, monthly, …) will help you assess your authentication experience.


User Authentication

The platform uses “state-of-the-art” authentication standards.

Both weak authentication methods (email/password, employee federation, …) and strong authentication methods (One Time Password (SMS, app-based), electronic identity card (eID), …) are available out of the box.

Integration with DIAS is performed using standard protocols like SAML or WS-Federation and service providers may choose the authentication method they would like to use.

Integration with OTP (SMS, app-based) and eID card enables applications to be accessed with strong authentication at no extra cost.

Good to know

DIAS is recognised by ITRP as a trusted identification and authentication platform.