IBM License Metric Tool Readiness

Your savings depend on it

Is your organisation running IBM software on virtual servers? Deploying ILMT is an IBM requirement to obtain sub-capacity pricing. Without it, you might be paying for excess capacity.

What is ILMT?

ILMT is a no-charge software tool designed to report on processor value unit (PVU) license consumption for IBM software running in virtualised environments. With proper configuration, ILMT helps organisations achieve the following:

  • Maintain compliance with IBM sub-capacity and PVU licensing terms
  • Track IBM PVU-based software inventory
  • Support distributed server virtualisation

In addition to enabling lower software licensing costs, ILMT can result in a significant improvement to your organisation’s overall Software Asset Management strategy.

ILMT Readiness

Accurate reports

​Installing ILMT is only half the effort. ILMT requires significant manual configuration and validation in order to align the reports to the true configuration of the environment.

As part of the configuration process, there are several key challenges to consider:

  • Excluding software that’s been purchased as part of a bundle or under a non-PVU licensing metric
  • Deploying agents on the relevant servers in the environment
  • Analysing PVU calculations in complex virtualised environments
  • Accounting for software that does not require a license based on its specific license definitions and its usage within the environment

Deloitte's ILMT readiness approach​

Deloitte’s ILMT readiness services help organisations realise sub-capacity licensing benefits and maximise ILMT value through five key areas:

  • Installation and Configuration - Install and configure the ILMT server and its agents in the environment
  • Data Capture and Reporting - Analyse and classify identified hardware and software information to improve reporting accuracy and completeness
  • Product Status Validation - Identify idle or misconfigured software that can be adjusted to potentially reduce licensing requirements
  • Baseline Reconciliation - Reconcile IBM software deployed to IBM license entitlements to identify potential license exposure or shelfware where the organisation could redeploy licenses to reduce software cost
  • Sustainable ILMT Management - Assist organisations in development and implementation processes and procedures to maintain the tool and employ strategies to improve license consumption as the IT environment evolves over time

The Deloitte difference

We have deep experience in advising organisations on ILMT readiness in a variety of industries across the globe. Deloitte’s strong and successful track record is based on:

  • Technical skills and experience working directly with ILMT and its bundle of features
  • In-depth knowledge of IBM software licensing terms and conditions and how these terms relate to sub-capacity pricing
  • Global IBM system integrator
  • Services that span the major industries, allowing us to bring the latest insights from enterprises with similar IT environments and software management

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