IT Governance for the CxO

IT governance helps firms define who is responsible for what and how IT decisions are made.

It thus enables IT to adhere to business objectives, to help drive business objectives and to maximise the value from investments. It can also protect against failures from the misalignment of IT and business strategies.

Ensuring that IT can create the value that the business requires to grow and prosper

How we make governance work for you

As much as IT Governance is still an elusive term, its implementation is often even more elusive.

Hence, Deloitte has developed a strong approach that warrants a expedited implementation that is supported by and embedded in the organisation.

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Johan Van Grieken

Johan Van Grieken

Partner, Risk Advisory

Johan is leading the IT Risk Consulting team in Belgium. He has specialised in the risks of governance, continuity, quality and sourcing. He leads consulting and assurance missions, helping clients to... More

Thomas Clijsner

Thomas Clijsner

Director, Risk Advisory

Thomas is specialised in IT Governance & Processes, Risk & Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance. He leads teams in these domains and takes charge of several Consulting and Assurance missions i... More