Predictive Project Analytics (PPA)

Take control over your critical projects with Deloitte’s unrivalled Predictive Project Analytics suite

Do you experience difficulties in managing your projects within time and budget, and in meeting stakeholder expectations? Are your projects easily getting on a side-track? Do your projects deliver less value than predicted?

Recent research has shown that 60% of companies have experienced project failure. Organizations around the world are struggling with their projects. These project failures have multiple origins and can lead to severe consequences for your company, its image and/or its business. In response, Deloitte has developed the Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) capability to analyse projects and provide companies with quantitative, actionable and focused insights to improve the likelihood of success of their projects.

Our solution: ‘powered by analytics’

The Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) team enhances project risk and management using a methodology based on a quantitative analytical benchmark engine. Deloitte’s research shows that to avoid project failure, companies need the ability to objectively assess when projects are at risk of underperformance and the capacity to proactively correct course and improve project delivery, before the project goes off track.

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) capability is an objective, holistic methodology designed to mitigate risk and enhance visibility on complex projects, enabling organisations to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

PPA has proven to be helpful to minimise financial, productivity and reputation losses by providing specific, informed and scientifically valid recommendations for improvements in real time.

How can we help

Whether you are launching a new project or managing one already underway, Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics suite can help you outline your key project risks and, if necessary, help you to determine when, where and how to intervene to get your project back on track.

Deloitte’s PPA suite can help you in gaining insight in what aspects influence the complexity of your project most, and how you can cope with this complexity. Thanks to this, you will be empowered to implement the right controls for your project and with that to improve your project success.

Through proofed analytics and a thorough analysis, our team can help you predict the success of your projects. Deloitte can also help you successfully deliver your projects with impactful recommendation based on our assessment Based on our assessment and actionable recommendations, Deloitte will help you successfully deliver your projects within time and budget.

Five tools to revolutionise your project management

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics suite consists of five integrated monitoring and analysis tools powered by insightful analytics:

  • Project Complexity: Understand the challenges that lie ahead with a detailed Project Complexity Profile.
  • Execution Controls: Identify areas in need of corrective actions with this in-depth review of your project execution controls.
  • Project Team Competency: Check your Project Team Competencies against the Project Requirements to build the best team possible.
  • Pulse Check: Get a quick, insightful overview of your project’s health at a given point in time.
  • Dynamic Risk Monitoring: Project risks changes as your project evolve. Get a customised risk heat-map, easily updated through a simple automated online survey.

Interested to learn more?

To learn more about the opportunities that PPA provides, please read the in-depth explanation of PPA in our brochure. Within this brochure, you can find out all about the PPA approach, possibilities and examples of outcomes.

Predictive Project Analytics 2.0

Predictive Project Analytics

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