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Deloitte helps organisations & their leaders get ahead — and stay ahead — of the challenges and changes in business, the IT function, and their executive roles.

Disruptive technologies, new innovations and rapidly changing customer demands

Every day, organisations face a multitude of new challenges arising from disruptive technologies, new innovations and rapidly changing customer demands.

The focus has shifted from customer services to customer experience. While customer experience has been overhauled by the introduction of augmented and virtual reality, organisations need to reform their business models through digital transformations in order to offer new services and improve the efficiency of their processes.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is making smart decisions in collaboration with or even without human oversight, while repetitive or administrative tasks are being automated by robotics as a substitute workforce altogether.

For both employees and customers, services have never been more accessible, available and immediately scalable as they reside in the cloud. Next to that, organisations cooperate with partners and suppliers in an environment of trustless transactions through the use of blockchain.

CIO Risk Advisory

Questions arising from these challenges & Digital disruptors

Organisations and their leaders must find answers to these questions, which arise from these challenges and in all parts of the organisation:

  • Are we at risk of falling behind innovative competitors?
  • Is our Business Strategy driven & supported by technology?
  • Is my IT & Digital function future proof?
  • Is our business critical data secure, integer and compliant?
  • Do we cover key technology and information management risks?
  • How can we cover risks from disruptive technologies (cyber, regulatory, …)?
  • Is our IT headcount in line with best practices?
  • Do we have an efficient resource allocation?
  • How do I boost the customer experience?
  • How can I raise our AGILE way of working?

These questions may come from the board, the CEO, the CFO, the CRO, auditors… To cover them, the organisation has to develop the required capabilities as described in Deloitte’s Technology & Digital Capability Model.

Technology & Digital Capability Model

Deloitte’s Technology & Digital Capability Model lists the capabilities of the different areas that an organisation should possess to successfully navigate the landscape of disruptive technologies, new innovations and rapidly changing customer demands.

Technology & Digital capability model
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The capabilities can be developed either through transforming the business, or through acquiring them. Deloitte can assist organisations in both ways. We can help you develop the capabilities required to satisfy today’s demands through (a part of) our proven modular methodology for transforming IT functions and increasing capability maturity. Alternatively, we can support and/or fulfil any of the Technology & Digital Capabilities.

Technology & Digital transformation methodology
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Why Deloitte

We offer multiple services, tailored to your needs to help grow your Technology & Digital capabilities. We can offer both an independent view and advice, or support the implementations. In either case use our proven methodology, which is fine-tuned for transforming Technology & Digital (T&D) capabilities and increasing capability maturity. Our service relies on our T&D capability maturity assessment framework, which allows to benchmark your T&D capabilities against competitors and industry best practices. Just like our services, frameworks and other methodologies, this is based on our extended experiences across all industries, combined with deep knowledge of IT capabilities and internationally accepted frameworks.

Additionally, our size allows us to assemble industry expertise and multidisciplinary teams of professionals with different fields of expertise and swiftly adapt our team to changing needs. On top of that, our international Centers of Excellence provide access to professional opinions of subject matter experts when needed.

Our Technology & Digital division consists of specialists with a range of certifications, including:

  • ITIL
  • ISO27000, ISO22301, ISO9000, ISO 31000
  • Prince2, PMBOK
  • Regulatory compliance training

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