Cyber security, privacy & resilience

In a world increasingly dominated by IT, security and privacy are key.

Deloitte can show you how to assess any risks you may be facing, how to put the right mitigation measures in place or use new emerging possibilities to your advantage.

Cyber security

Our experts help organisations enhance their infrastructure and application security, identiy management, information security, data privacy and security attestation.


Deloitte's data privacy services allow you to make the utmost use of the data available in your databases and systems, while maintaining full confidence that you are in compliance with data privacy regulations. Deloitte professionals can provide a compliance management strategy for cross-border data flows and a framework of policies, procedures and local guidance. Our services also help you set up sound outsourcing agreements with respect to the processing of personal data and enable sound decisions on data centre consolidation.


Resiliency is a critical component of successful business management. Experience shows that typically more than 50 percent of businesses without an effective resiliency plan will ultimately fail following a major disruption. 

Find out more about what Deloitte's business continuity management services can do for you.