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All organisations are going through a Digital Transformation to increase their efficiency, keep users satisfied, and increase their internal efficiency. However, this Digital Transformation is a complex change, which requires a clear strategy, a strong program and project management, a highly efficient system development pipeline and a thorough follow-up to ensure the expected results are realized.

Deloitte has improved its services in these domains and is taking into account the latest standards and technological possibilities to help organizations overcome these challenges.

Program & Project risk advisory

Undoubtedly, great progress has been made in the field of project management over the years. Despite the rise of standardized methodologies, sophisticated management techniques and internationally recognized accreditation bodies, consistent project success remains elusive.

However, 49% of leaders still perceive a gap between strategy and project execution, and at least 30% of projects continue to fail. Regardless of the parameters used to define success, fundamental management issues remain.

Standardized methodologies do not account for flaws in human nature, and the presence of cognitive bias and social dynamics should compel organisations to seek a more specialized approach, to provide answers to key questions such as:

  • Is my project on track?
  • Are the key risks of the project under control and will it be delivered within budget, within time and with the expected quality?
  • How can we make sure the project is successful?
  • Are key risks covered and the necessary stakeholders aligned?
  • How do we keep the budget within limits and the project delivery on time?
  • How do we execute the project objectives?

These questions may come from the board, the CEO, the CFO, the CRO, auditors… To cover them, the organisation has to develop strong business capabilities that translate into value creation for all stakeholders.

Our Approach

We help clients proactively manage their programs and projects, from capital projects, large transformation projects to upgrades, compliance or business specific projects. We support in identifying and monitoring large program and project investments to ensure strategic alignment:

  • Business case and value realization assessments
  • Portfolio optimization and risk monitoring

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to improve the maturity of your project organization and keep your important projects on track:

  • Project planning assurance
  • Project readiness assessments
  • Program & project risk management and quality assurance
  • PMO and project management processes set-up
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Predictive Projects Analytics - Data Driven Insights

Referencing a dataset of 2000+ successful projects, Deloitte’s Predictive Analytics toolset provides an in-depth analysis of project complexity, a better level of controls required to deliver it, showing stakeholders where and how management should focus effort to increase the likelihood of success.

Predictive Project Analytics boasts an expanded range of services, which allow project managers to predict, manage and mitigate risk in a timely manner, before failure becomes the only option. Project Analytics (PPA) is a methodology enabling you to understand the drivers of your project risk and to determine the expected level of project controls. PPA allows you to gain insight into relative strengths and weaknesses within your projects compared to other organizations in the same industry.

Predictive Projects Analytics

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Managing risk in an Agile or DevOps world

Although the digital transformation is mainly a business transformation, the IT systems will be pivotal in every organization for enabling and speeding up the transformation.

However, organisations continue to struggle with outdated development processes, resulting in long lead times for new features, and users not being satisfied with the quality of the IT systems.

New developments paradigms (such as Agile and DevOps) have existed for a long time to improve the development process, while recently technological advancements (such as robotics, AI,…) are further enabling the optimization of the development process.

However, complexity is increasing likewise, and organization need a strong strategy to create a coherent IT environment and a development process that matches their requirements for flexibility, compliance, price, etc.

Our Approach

Systems Development is a complex set of processes, tools and competencies. We use a hands-on coaching approach, to work together with every organization to determine the optimal combination of:

  • Management Processes, which enable management to have a clear view on the progress of the development, while allowing the IT teams to focus on the actual work of analysis, development and testing
  • Development processes & tools, ensuring that requirements are known and agreed with the users, sufficiently tested, and released within the planned timeframe
  • Quality Assurance practices, to independently review the quality of the IT environment, and provide constructive feedback for further optimization
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Why Deloitte

From our Risk Advisory practice, we always focus on proactive risk assurance by reviewing specific aspects of the project or program and systems development lifecycle early in the Digital Transformation journey. This will provide early visibility of risks and enable proactive response before issues materialize.

Additionally, we support your organization in focusing on the foundations of effective program delivery, traceability of requirements to delivered solution and controlled deployment.

We offer multiple services, tailored to your needs to help grow your capabilities.

We understand that every Digital transformation comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges, and we are able to provide an array of services, which help secure projects from inception through to planning and execution.

Additionally, our size allows us to assemble industry expertise and multidisciplinary teams of professionals with different fields of expertise and swiftly adapt our team to changing needs. On top of that, our international Centers of Excellence provide access to professional opinions of subject matter experts when needed. Our experts are certified in a wide range of industry standards, such as COBIT, ITIL, Prince2, PMBoK, ISO27000, ISO22301, ISO9000, ISO 31000, CGEIT, CISA, CRISC, CISM, CIA, ISTQB, IREB.

For more information about our risk advisory services, please contact the responsible partners of directors in our contact section.

Managing risks in your Digital Transformation Journey

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