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Connecting the dots between privacy and security

Privacy is no longer just a compliance or security issue; it has become a strategic topic at boardroom level since significant changes to European privacy legislation were proposed in 2012. The General Data Protection Regulation has entered into force and will be applicable as from May 2018. The fines up to 4% of the total of a company’s worldwide annual turnover certainly have moved privacy and security high up on the agenda.

In addition, requirements such as the appointment of a Data Protection Officer, the implementation of mandatory privacy impact assessments and recent significant enforcement actions caused that privacy and security can no longer be ignored.

What is the European Privacy Academy

In 2014, Deloitte created the European Privacy Academy, a knowledge and training centre offering both applied Data Protection Officer trainings as well as departmental-specific trainings focused on the actual day-to-day management of the privacy challenge and fully adapted to a specific department (HR, Sales & Marketing, IT, …) within your organisation. It provides both an on-campus data protection officer course and on-campus or in-house department-specific data protection trainings during which attendees learn to efficiently manage privacy and security in a risk based and integrated manner.

Bringing the operational/technical, legal and governance aspects of the privacy/security challenge together this way, does not only allow participants to get the applied training they need in their specific roles, it also helps them to better transform privacy challenges into manageable solutions.

Privacy training

Effective privacy training, why now?

In today’s business environment, where increasing focus is being placed on privacy compliance and (cyber) security compliance, governance and incident management. To be successful, companies need privacy professionals who can guide them through the most complex business situations and effectively manage privacy and security in an integrated manner.

The European Privacy Academy’s Data Protection Officer training enables privacy professionals to appropriately handle the day-to-day challenges they have to face.

A lack of appropriate privacy awareness and practices amongst employees is one of the major sources for regulatory focus and fines, which is why privacy and security have become company-wide challenges.

Therefore, practical department-specific trainings should be the cornerstone of any data protection program, to raise awareness and to embed privacy and security in all business processes to minimise risks and prevent avoidable privacy and data protection breaches.

European Privacy Academy - What makes it different?

The European Privacy Academy does not just provide the theory but provides a very hands-on, pragmatic and risk management approach to data protection, privacy and security.

Through its integrated, multi-disciplinary approach and its real-life scenarios, the European Privacy Academy applies a holistic approach and connects the dots between the legal/compliance side of privacy, the technical side of security and the management side of the overall data protection risk.

The European Privacy Academy’s pragmatic and business-focused trainings provide real-life solutions and useful tools such as data protection decision trees or the modular "first 90 days as DPO" action plan, quick reference guide, etc ...

European Privacy Academy - What's in it for you?

  • Business-focused course materials which will help designing workable solutions;
  • A holistic and pragmatic approach combining the technical side of security and the legal side of privacy;
  • Real-life scenario-based solutions thanks to the experience with our diverse client base;
  • Access to an industry-specific and international alumni group via Deloitte’s global business network to discuss with peers across enterprise and national borders.

“The European Privacy Academy represents a more pragmatic way of training that focuses on empowering people to tackle successfully the actual management of the combined privacy and security challenge within an organisation."

Erik Luysterborg, Cyber Risk Services, EMEA Data Protection & Privacy Leader at Deloitte

European Privacy Academy course overview

Effectively managing data protection compliance

Our Data Protection Officer course is a five-day course that is designed for professionals who have or will take up responsibilities in data protection compliance.

Whether you are the DPO, a member of your company’s privacy office or the ‘privacy liaison’ within your department, our course will give you the pragmatic insights to enable you to perform your job.

Our pragmatic approach allows us to tailor the course to any type of organisation, whether it is an SME, a multinational or a public sector organisation.

What did DPO course participants have to say?

  • “Very interesting course with useful tips & tricks on introducing privacy awareness into your organisation”
  • “It exceeded my expectations”
  • “I will recommend this course to other people”

The two most important conclusions drawn out of the feedback received from our DPO course participants are:

  • All attendees of the DPO course would likely or very likely recommend this course
  • The attendees to the most recent DPO course were privacy professionals active in various industry sectors in both international and local Belgian companies. The interactive approach of the course made it possible to cover the different challenges they have to face and provided the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.

Continuous Professional Education

Deloitte's DPO course has been accredited as Continuous Professional Education (CPE) by the following institutions:


Compliance Officers who are accredited by the Belgian financial regulator Financial Services and Marketing Authority are entitled to submit 40 CPE hours for attending the European Privacy Academy’s DPO course.


The European Privacy Academy’s DPO course is pre-approved by the International Association for Privacy Professionals for a maximum of 12 CPE credits for the holders of CIPP/E and CIPM designations.

Privacy in practice

Privacy has become relevant for all departments of any organisation.

Effective privacy awareness is the cornerstone of each privacy program.

Our department-specific courses focus on how privacy is relevant for your department and what you should know specifically so that you can carry out your function in a privacy compliant way.

Department-specific courses

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