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Quantum growth through Innovation

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate and grow businesses successfully in these challenging times. The world has become a village and our economy needs to re-invent and position itself for growth. Innovation should be playing an important role therein. Since innovation is critical to our future success, we should make sure that we do it well! However, many organisations are struggling to get their arms around innovation. They are on a journey as innovation never stands still. All are keen to learn from each other’s’ experiences and from role models. Clearly some organisations are more successful than others and some seem to be lucky once while others seem to be able to sustain their innovation based growth.

Deloitte stands out for its ability to pragmatically deliver recommendations that are aligned with clients' particular circumstances, demonstrate the achievability of results and generate excitement at all levels of an organization around innovation.

We assist our public and private clients

Organisations can turn to Deloitte to get more out of their innovation efforts. Academic & Deloitte research has shown that with the right strategy and the right innovation, eco-system innovation is much more effective in yielding results. Deloitte can help you to make this happen.

We developed a balanced portfolio of growth & innovation services helping clients & governments to make the best of innovation. We team up with the client to assess the innovation improvement areas and create a road map to tackle these items. We also assist our clients on their growth & innovation transformation journey with a broad range of implementation and transformation services. Furthermore, we deliver hands-on support to innovative entrepreneurs from startup to IPO and beyond. Last but not least, we advise (European) governments and the institutions on how to improve our innovation eco-system and create value for our society.

Deloitte is well positioned to help organisations become more innovative in a sustainable way. To build an innovative eco-system one needs to address a wide range of elements and that requires people from various competencies to work together towards a common goal. We can bring the breadth of skills to the table and we have a collaborative culture to work with client teams to make it happen.

Overview of our services

1. Navigate Innovation Strategy

The most essential question business leaders struggle with is where and how they will deploy their limited resources to stay relevant and grasp opportunity in an ever changing world.

We help you to determine your innovation strategy to decide, in a cumulative and sustainable manner, on which type of innovation will help your company gain competitive advantage.

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2. Generate Innovation Culture and Processes

In today's hyper-competitive and technology-based environments companies need to innovate continuously in order to respond to changing technology, market trends and competition.

We help you to build a culture of innovation and install the right tools and processes to become more innovative and gain real innovation capacity.

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3. Deliver Innovation Projects

Vision and creativity are essential, but in itself not sufficient to produce successful innovations. Many companies fail to translate great ideas to successful innovations. 

We help you to achieve results with innovation projects by bringing ideas to life from concept to commercial impact.

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4. Expand (Open) Innovation network

Markets are getting more volatile, R&D pipe-lines are stretching and the low-hanging fruit is becoming increasingly more difficult to reach. Companies face the increasing need to connect, share risk and collaborate.

We help you to identify, connect and work with potential partners so your company can gain collaborative advantage by engaging external resources to find solutions for specific business opportunities and challenges

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5. Growth Services

Contrary to what one might expect, we see a clear decline in the average innovation expenditures across various business sectors. Companies are very much looking for new ideas they can believe in and translate them into top line business impact

We help businesses to achieve growth in new domains by utilizing the full force of our innovation services. We have confidence in your potential and our competence to unlock it therefore we are willing to put skin in the game.

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6. Innovation Policy Services

Nevermore have (European) institutions, countries and regions been tested on their ability to turn the wheel on the economic crisis, whose shockwaves have impacted the lives of its citizens and businesses. Innovation is not only key to growth, but it also inspires people. We leverage our innovation experience to advise and collaborate with (European) governments and institutions on how to become more innovative and create fertile grounds for innovation.

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Growth & Innovation Services – Quantum growth through Innovation