Is your IT expenditure creating value?

Deloitte applies a pragmatic approach to help your organisation control IT spend and achieve the short-and longterm objectives of your IT organisation. 

Businesses and governments are increasingly spending on digitalization transformation and IT. But what about value creation? Is your IT expenditure under control? Is the IT spend of your organisation actually creating value for your business? Does your IT expenditure create strategic, competitive advantages? Deloitte can help your to measure IT spend and cost drivers, direct and control your IT spend, leverage on your organization's capabilities and help your organization to reach it's short-and long-term objectives.

Why should IT spend be a focus?

Across various industries, IT spending is key to remain competitive, by investing in the right and valuable digital initiatives. New and evolving business models, as well as technology shifts, push the IT spending and increase the need for adequate control. 

Gaining control on IT spend means increasing transparency on IT spend and better align business and IT. However, only 52% of baseline organisations have a technology investment decision-making process jointly owned by IT and the business. 

A proven pragmatic approach

Deloitte helps organisations gain control on IT expenditure by applying a proven pragmatic approach: Assess, Design, Deploy and Improve. During the Assess step, we evaluate the current benefits and suggest areas for furhter improvements. During Design, we gain understanding of the cost structure and analyze, select and validate IT spend optimization opportunities. Then, we help the organisation Deploy improvements following a implementation schedule. During the Improve step, we keep monitoring the deployed improvements to measure and control ROI. 

Our Deloitte Capabilities

Deloitte has commercial, supply market and technical expertise. We provide a mix of advisory and risk expertise to ensure a tailored support and to help your organization achieve short-and long-term objectives with regards to IT spend and investments. We can perform a benchmark comparison of your organisation’s profile on IT spend, internal and external costs, against the appropriate Industry and IT cost centers. Furthermore, we apply accelerators and tools to deliver quickly and efficiently without re-inventing the wheel. Our framework is focused on key spend drivers and capabilities to optimize cost elements. 

Key contacts

Johan Van Grieken

Johan Van Grieken

Partner, Risk Advisory

I am Partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory, leading our Technology & Digital Risk team in Belgium. I focus on helping clients (1) to Successfully perform their digital transformation, (2) to Optimise the ... More

Jelle Welvaarts

Jelle Welvaarts

Director, Risk Advisory

Jelle is a Director within Risk Advisory specialised in IT Governance & Processes and IT Systems Development Lifce Cycle (SDLC), focused on the public sector. Jelle provides services to clients that a... More