IT governance & processes

IT is more than Information and Technology. It has become critical to the operations of any organisation.


Every day, organisations face a multitude of challenges they have to cope with. The alignment of corporate and IT governance remains a topic rarely discussed. However, we often identify clients with IT-driven projects that have issues; IT projects do not meet time & budget constraints, IT investments do not pay off due to IT budget utilisation optimisation issues and there is the uncertainty whether IT strategy and principles are appropriate and if those are meeting the daily business requirements.

In addition, due to the influx of regulatory initiatives, compliance has also been a very important topic. Today however, companies are still facing various compliance requirements issues. Moreover, sourcing business activities has been a popular cost optimisation approach but many companies still face problems setting forth a clear sourcing strategy. As a result, it might be possible that there is no satisfaction with the service levels provided by the (IT) service providers. Keeping solutions in-house can also be a possibility, but then again it is difficult for companies to find the right people in the organisation. Deloitte can help organisations identify these issues and set forth a path to tackle the problems and optimise the existing processes.

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Deloitte regularly works with companies to ensure that IT and business priorities are aligned and that IT follows the evolution of the business products and markets. Based on our proven methodologies, we determine together with key people various issues of misalignment and their root causes, as well as their relevance to the business and IT. We assist organisations to develop a business-IT alignment roadmap and prioritising the improvements helps bridging existing gaps while supporting the corporate governance imperatives (such as safe approval cycles and segregation of duties). Furthermore, by helping our clients advice on IT Performance metrics, we are able to provide transparency on the IT costs.

Whatever the maturity of your existing IT governance is, we can help you take the next steps in building and strengthening it.

Our approach

In our model, Business-IT alignment is created by ensuring a transparent link between the IT governance & processes, and the value created hereby within an organisation.

Using our strategic framework model, as well as industry standard framework such as COBIT and ITIL we identify key processes and governance practices. Together with our clients, we define the best approach to evaluate these key processes & practices and tailor our approach based on their individual needs and their IT environment. Through workshops, interviews and documentation reviews, we perform in-depth analysis of (parts of) the IT governance and IT processes of the organisation to identify major risks on 6 domains (continuity, security, sustainability, compliance, quality and financials). We provide pragmatic advice on the identified issues and the most efficient and effective improvements. Additionally, we can assist organisations in defining and implementing roadmaps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT governance.

Our IT governance & processes division consists of specialists with a range of certifications, including:

  • ITIL
  • COBIT 
  • ISO27000, ISO22301, ISO9000, ISO 31000
  • Prince2, PMBOK
  • Regulatory compliance training

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