Operational assurance & support

Services overview

Find out how Deloitte can help you in providing assurance about your core operational processes.


Process Efficiency Improvement

Improve your operating margin by increasing productivity, improving the service level towards (internal) customers, increasing process quality and reducing lead times. We can help you discover waste, simplify your processes and streamline your policies to match leading companies. Or maybe outsourcing is a better solution for you? Our experts can help you identify and implement the optimal solution for your company. 


Operating Model (re)design

Is your organisational model in shape to optimally support your strategy? Do you require a centralised/decentralised model, a functional or product focus? Bring your span of control, staff mix and cross-functional collaboration up to speed with your strategy and industry best practices.


Integrated Performance Management

You can't manage what you don't measure. Proactively manage your operations by improving your company’s capability to measure and monitor performance. While doing this, ensure that your performance measurement is aligned with the organisation’s strategic and financial goals.


Benchmarking & Best Practices

Are you wondering how efficient your processes are compared to the best in class? Our experts perform an (internal) benchmark of your operations and help you learn from the mistakes and successes of your industry peers – without having to make the mistakes yourself.


Supply Chain Risk Management

Economic turndown, merging competitors, recalls, system failure… All these unpredictable events could also happen to your company. If you have no strategies in place to manage these risks, they can have a disastrous effect for your company. Supply Chain Risk Management enables you to identify, assess and mitigate the risks your company is exposed to.


Operational Maturity Assessment

Through a quick scan of your operations and based on our broad experience, we identify the efficiency and effectiveness opportunities your company is facing and represent them in a simple dashboard per process (demand management, purchase, inventory, invoicing, …). We perform this scan in a short time frame and focus both on quick wins and structural changes.


Replenishment Optimisation

Get to know your inventory. Reduce your Days On Hand and warehouse costs by defining optimal reorder parameters and taking actions on your slow-moving stock.


Inventory Management Standardisation

Do you frequently write off large quantities of your inventory? Realising that logistics is of strategic importance is one thing – getting your inventory under control another. Leverage our experience with the definition and implementation of tailored logistics standards.


Process Mapping & Redesign

Looking to improve your department’s efficiency? Process mapping is an indispensable tool. Only when the workflow is clear, an optimisation track can be determined. This can result in improvement of your transactional processes, increased flow of approvals, increased output and improved employee workload.


Warehouse Centralisation & Outsourcing

Wondering if centralisation or outsourcing might work for you? We can analyse your existing processes through data analysis, process mapping & best practices, and identify the need for centralisation & outsourcing. From a small number of quantified scenarios, you decide on the optimal scenario for your company. While implementing, we can help you align inventory management & logistical operations with the chosen scenario. Thanks to our experience in sourcing, we can even support you in the tendering procedure and contract negotiations.


Voice of the Customer

Develop a better understanding of your company’s performance as perceived by customers, as well as their key purchasing criteria. Then leverage this knowledge to focus on the right improvements.


Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Research shows that about 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their established financial objectives. How do you ensure maximal value creation and accomplish synergies? How do you ensure that your operations, HR, finance, tax, communication… departments are aligned? How do you retain your people and your customers? Our experienced experts can guide and support your company throughout the entire process.


Change management

Ensure an effective implementation of your projects by managing the change it entails properly. How do the stakeholders perceive the project? How will your processes and the people in it be impacted? If your people and processes are not ready for change, your project is not very likely to achieve its full potential. We can guide this the process, so your company can achieve both optimal and lasting results.


Operational Excellence Program

It’s not hard to think about possible improvement projects which could be initiated in your company. But how do you pick the right projects and make sure that they are done in the proper way and are followed through, with chances for success? We can help you to set-up a standardised approach and governance to select, execute and follow-up on improvement projects, and guide you in the piloting of this program.

Lean Six Sigma is hot. But what does it mean exactly? We have experience in this success-proven approach based on waste reduction and data analysis and can guide you in its principles and tools and put them into practice together with you.



Is there a specific field in which you would like to train some of your employees? Based on our experience, we can provide trainings that are tailored to your industry/company. Many topics are possible: Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Change Management, Process Mapping…


Temporary support in operations

In case of temporary peaks in workload or arising projects (requiring highly specific skills), Deloitte can bring trained and skilled operations professionals (e.g. planning) to your company. Do you want to learn more? Find out more about Deloitte's temporary support services in procurement and operations.

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“We chose Deloitte to review the logistics and inventory processes at a number of manufacturing facilities. We were impressed by the team’s dedication, thorough understanding of our processes and valuable input. This positive experience evolved into extra projects such as the organisation of our first global logistics conference and the definition and implementation of global standards. Our logistics and inventory processes are finally receiving the attention they deserve, resulting in operational improvements and financial gains worldwide.”

Global Supply Chain Manager of a company in the Automotive Industry