Procurement assurance & support

Services overview

Learn how the profound procurement skills from Deloitte can support procurement responsibles.

Category Management & Strategy

Your procurement department is only as successful as your category management and strategy.

Deloitte can perform a high level analysis of the current division in categories, the current strategy of these categories and the procedures in place in order to guard the execution of the company’s mission and the procurement plan.

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Category and Spend Analysis

If knowing is half the battle, then you are on your way to victory. Gathering knowledge and understanding are key ingredients to making sustainable and well-structured procurement decisions.

Deloitte has different category experts in-house who can perform a category and spend analysis for designated categories.

Cost Reduction Assessment

Are you aware of the hidden saving opportunities within your external spend? Do you have contracts that have not been challenged for some years?

Our category experts can assist you in analyzing existing contracts for optimization opportunities. We go further than a simple price benchmark exercise and evaluate the existing collaborations for commercial improvements, solutions to manage the internal demand and specifications. A category knowledge dump will allow you to prioritize your own efforts and to make a short cut in your own sourcing process.

Supplier & Contract Management

"You can't manage what you don't measure" goes the saying. So why not measure? Perhaps you have just awarded a contract. Understandably, you are enthusiastic about working with a new supplier, however the tough part is yet to come. Measuring and evaluating a supplier’s performance is crucial to understanding your success and ultimately, to a long lasting partnership.

At Deloitte, our consultants are experts in Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators. Let them advise you in installing new, or optimizing your current SLAs and KPIs.

TCO & Kraljic Assessment

Hidden costs creeping up on you? Want to avoid those unpleasant and all too often untimely surprises?

Let us be the ones to help! Our experts can perform a Total Cost of Ownership assessment, looking beyond the purchase price, to the complete cost of ownership over a product’s lifetime.

Supply security. Cost reduction. Neither of them beyond your reach. Our experts use a proven model called the Kraljic Analysis. Not only can this be used to optimize your purchasing strategy, but it can show you where the power lies: with you or with your supplier.

Negotiation & Contracting Support

Is your company getting the most out of its contract negotiations?

A Deloitte category expert can provide the needed support during all or a part of the negotiation and contracting process. Our company has created a knowledge sharing culture that enables our consultants to gain and share their experience(s) in-house. Knowledge that reaches and impacts our clients.

“After a short, limited education the Deloitte consultant was able to work independently quickly. He managed to adapt operationally and socially to the norms within our company, in a short time frame. Because of his eagerness to learn, we succeeded in lowering the work load significantly, optimising the processes, meeting KPI’s and reporting in a structured manner”.

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Supplier Audits

Tailor made to your individual and evolving needs. A suppliers’ performance has a direct impact on your own.

Deloitte understands this and for that reason, we offer supplier audits and reviews to ensure their compliance with the contract clauses.

Strategy and Organisation

Questioning your company’s strategy on a regular basis can help you stay ahead of the pack. How does one go about determining the organization’s current ASIS? Or its desired direction?

Deloitte can help. Through workshops and interviews, the needs of the company or individual department will be brought to light. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of FTE’s needed, their required qualifications and the department’s mission.

Maturity Analysis

What is the maturity level of your department’s procurement activities and your organization? Where does your procurement department wants to be in the future and what are the necessary steps to take to get there?

Having Deloitte perform a Maturity Analysis will allow you to bridge the gap. We will map your procurement department’s current maturity level, its desired level and deliver the recommendations to get there.

Team Assessment and Training

“A team is only as strong as its weakest link”. No doubt that a team’s success depends heavily on having the right people with the right capacities. And the right coach.

Whatever your company’s needs may be, Deloitte can provide tailor-made trainings on specific topics such as public procurement legislation and procurement processes.

Process Mapping & Redesign

Looking to improve your procurement department’s efficiency?

Process mapping is an indispensable tool. Only when the workflow is clear, can an optimization track be determined. This can result in improvement to your transactional processes, increased flow of approvals and improved employee workload.

“Due to the takeover of another company, the amount of work in our planning department increased drastically. Since we lacked the time to hire an extra person, we chose to bring in an experienced consultant from Deloitte. With limited effort from our side, the consultant took over part of our operational tasks and integrated in the team. Thanks to his experience, we were also able to improve business processes, KPI’s and reporting towards management. Once our business was back on track, we hired a new planner which was trained by our consultant”.

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Sourcing & Category Management

How is your company performing in terms of its sourcing activities? What about its category management?

Through workshops, interviews and various forms of analyses, including ASIS, TOBE and GAP, we will develop an action tailored to your needs.

Technology Assessment

Is your company looking to benefit from the latest technology? Are you aware of how new technology can improve procurement activities?

Deloitte can assess your current technology and assist you in finding the best solutions on the market. Whether you are looking to improve your procurement activities such as KPI calculation, contract management or invoice control, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find what you need.

Temporary Support in Procurement

In case of temporary peaks in workload or arising projects (requiring highly specific skills), Deloitte can bring trained and skilled procurement professionals to your company.

Do you want to learn more? Find out more about Deloitte's temporary support services in procurement and operations.