Software asset management for SAP

Let’s take a look under the hood!

The SAP software licenses and maintenance typically represent a significant portion of an annual procurement and Information Technology (IT) budget. The ability to have a deep technical understanding of the SAP environment and consolidate this on a high level helps you to optimize the software value and manage associated risks.

Although SAP provides built-in tools (LAW and USMM) to manage the SAP environment, companies need to invest a considerable amount of time to create reports utilizing these tools. In addition, these tools have only a limited capability for continuous monitoring of access and execution of transaction codes across the different instances within the SAP environment. The lack of insight may potentially result in financial and legal liabilities, underutilized assets and sub-optimal value for money.

The need for SAP licensing competence

SAP license knowledge holds many challenges. These include indirect usage, the distinction between the defined SAP License Types, and the SAP license extension policies. Many organizations struggle to simulate a series of licensing scenarios to determine the optimal licensing for their respective environments. Furthermore, it is hard for them, if not impossible, to attract and retain resources with deep SAP licensing knowledge.

Software asset management for SAP

Lack of overview

The SAP environment often consists of dozens of SAP instances, multiple SAP modules and thousands of user profiles, each with their own roles and objects attribution. Determining a complete overview of the SAP environment can be complex for various reasons.

  • How do the SAP instances relate to each other?
  • Which roles, objects and transaction codes are used across the different SAP instances?
  • Which roles and objects are allocated to the pool of users across the different SAP instances?

As a consequence, the yearly license reviews performed by SAP might reveal unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, licensing the SAP environment inaccurately imposes a significant risk in terms of potential financial, legal, and regulatory issues on the organization. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the potential for over-licensing, resulting in inefficient use of company’s financial resources. Deloitte’s SAP License Management services help you to address these risks.

The Deloitte difference

We have deep experience in SAP license compliance and security services in various industries across the globe. Our track record is based on:

SAP license competence

Deloitte has performed extensive research in the field of SAP licensing and SAP authorization. Moreover, our team acquired in-depth experience in SAP license compliance based upon the reviews we performed in this domain directly for SAP. As a result of the aforementioned and our experience in Software Asset Management, Deloitte has developed best practices and procedures & processes for effective SAP License Management which are used by our SAP license teams across the globe to deliver these services.

SAP Security

Deloitte has a team of over 2.300 dedicated security experts globally, of which more than 1000 are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP).

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