ERP security & controls

Getting access rights under control

Organizations implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX (former Axapta) to improve and automate business processes. Expected benefits of implementation include a reduction in the cost of operations, greater asset efficiency, and enhanced quality of information. ERPs can help you achieve this, however there is one area that proves to be difficult to get it right - security & controls.

Stay in control and get the balance right between risk and controls to effectively run your business

In brief

Given the size and the complexity of most organizations, effectively managing user access to ERPs is challenging and can cause inefficiencies across the organization. Also, when different legal units share one and the same system platform, special focus should be given to logical segregation of access to avoid the risk of cross-site access.

Deloitte believes that effective internal control is a key element in protecting the integrity of your operational and financial information. Despite the technology you are using, the best way to protect your data is by controlling access to the systems where that data is being processed and stored.

At Deloitte, we follow a 4-step process that helps your organization to better protect access to and within your ERP system.

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