Role management

Enable your application security and reach the next security level

Nowadays more and more transactions are performed electronically. The related risks grow as these transactions become increasingly interesting for different individuals. Such a paperless world and the interconnectedness of the business processes present unique and substantial security challenges, but also opportunities.

Control your environment, maximize the risk visibility and rely on accurate data to run your business and support your strategic decisions.

In brief

Appropriate business process controls and thus effective role management and access controls should be designed and implemented in a way to safeguard the basic information security principles which are best summarized by the CIA triad: Confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Typical issues encountered in the Role Management are:

  • Roles contain segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts and give too broad access resulting in a single actor performing key business process control activities
  • Complex roles make the SoD remediation difficult and costly
  • The authorization concept is not transparent and therefore not understandable for business people
  • Too much effort is spent to user and authorization maintenance
  • Ineffective control of the user access management process
  • Unstructured role change management process

The enclosed brochure will give an overview of the solution that Deloitte's application integrity team has to offer.

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