Security & Privacy

Helping our clients be better protected and resilient against any security risks

Trust and security are crucial these days to enable your organisation to work properly. Deloitte offers a wide range of security and privacy services that answer both your fundamental questions as well as your security & privacy needs.

Assess, architect, align & attest

Deloitte's security & privacy services team can assist you in any phase of the security lifecycle. Depending on the maturity of certain security initiatives and the company's in-house or outsourced expertise, Deloitte will support you in any of the assess, architect, align or attest phases, either separately or as overall project manager.

Our purpose is to help clients be better protected and resilient against any kind of security risk.

Application integrity

Capturing the full potential from SAP solutions is not just about technology. It is also about driving sustainable business value. No one but Deloitte does any better. Find out how our application integrity solutions could help you out.

Identity & access management

The need to control access to information has never been greater than in today’s business environment. To remain competitive, a business must be able to extend its operations outside traditional boundaries. Authorised access to information at any time, from anywhere and in a secure way, not only by employees, but by business partners and customers as well, has become a key business need. Deloitte has all the expertise to help you out with your identity & access management.

Data privacy

Deloitte's data privacy services allow you to make the utmost from the data available in your databases and systems, while maintaining full confidence that you are in compliance with data privacy regulations. Deloitte professionals can provide a compliance management strategy for cross-border data flows and a framework of policies, procedures and local guidance. Our services also help you set up sound outsourcing agreements with respect to the processing of personal data and enable sound decisions on data centre consolidation.

Cyber Security

Private data, intellectual property, cyber infrastructure and even military and national security can be compromised by deliberate attacks, inadvertent security lapses and the vulnerabilities of a relatively immature, unregulated global internet. Read more on how Deloitte can help you plan and execute an integrated cyber approach.