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Software Asset Management

Reducing cost, mitigating risk, and optimizing business

It’s no secret that managing software assets can be a challenge. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software. The technologies involved are complex and constantly changing. Deloitte performs hundreds of license baseline reviews every year, and we have implemented Software Asset Management (SAM) programs for end-user organizations around the world. As a neutral third party, we provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets, helping companies obtain the accurate information they need to optimally license their IT landscape.

Deloitte SAM Framework

The Deloitte SAM Framework is focused on achieving the desired maturity of Software Asset Management (SAM) governance within an enterprise. The focal point is optimizing the Software Lifecycle by enabling the enterprise to manage their SAM strategy & policies, people, data, and technology solutions in line with the overall objectives.

The SAM Framework is firmly based on the ISO 19770 standard, as well as ITIL and COBIT.

SAM framework

Discover Our Services

Deloitte offers a wide range of services tailored to assist clients in their SAM journey. These range from ad-hoc services and increasing the SAM maturity through programmatic services, to ongoing assistance via a Managed Service. Furthermore, as an established partner of the best-in-class SAM technology providers, Deloitte has extensive capabilities in aiding customers to select the best suited technology and perform and/or support the end-to-end implementation and configuration process.

SAM Program Delivery

The starting point of each SAM journey is understanding your current state. A high-level/in-depth assessment of the SAM maturity in your organization based on the components of the Deloitte framework provides a full view on the state of your SAM program. Along with a validated target operating model, custom recommendations, quick wins, a roadmap, and implementation of processes/procedures, these services provide you with the ability to start the SAM transformation in your organization.

SAM Managed Services

Engaging with a trusted third party for a medium to long-term period to assist in (recurring) SAM activities is an easy way to obtain the subject matter expertise required to operate a fully operational SAM function. Managed services are typically offered through specific delivery models: hybrid or fully outsourced. These services can include access to expert capabilities and technology offerings, compliance reporting on a frequent basis, and many more.

SAM Technologies

One of the key components to successfully operate SAM is Technology. Key questions such as the scope, the type of technology (all-in-one or integration of different solutions), key functionalities, deployment models (on-premise versus cloud), etc. are items which arise throughout the selection of a supporting SAM technology. These topics require research, strategy workshops, and analysis to ensure the best suited SAM technology for your organization is selected. Through our long lasting industry experience and rigorous vendor selection capabilities, we can assist in selecting the right tool. As an established partner to most of the top-tier SAM technology providers, Deloitte is able to provide and deploy the solution, ensure completeness and accuracy, and evaluate performance.

SAM Ad-hoc Services

Throughout the SAM journey, clients experience specific challenges where in-depth knowledge is required to ensure a proper assessment and/or resolution. Deloitte’s SAM ad-hoc services are a consolidation of services whereby we provide access to our Software Asset and License specialists to help you with (amongst others) software asset, vendor, and lifecycle management related queries, with a main focus on providing insight into financial efficiencies, compliance risks and/or cybersecurity risks. 

Training & Certification

Our Deloitte SAM Academy offers comprehensive, independent and practical knowledge on Software Asset Management through instructor-led onsite and online trainings. Recently, we added our online self-learning courses and extended our training program with FinOps, the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality. Keep a close eye on our training portfolio given that new trainings are added on a frequent basis.

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What is Software Asset Management?

Managing software assets is a complex and challenging task. Proper Software Asset Management enables you to find the optimum between over licensing and incompliance.

The added value of Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management brings great value as it allows companies to reduce costs, mitigate risks and optimize business. 

The Software Asset Management Offering

Deloitte offers a wide range of SAM services and solutions from SAM Managed Services to ad-hoc services and SAM Program Delivery. The key enablers are skilled resources with extensive experience and the latest technologies that we leverage in the process. 

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Diederik Van der Sijpe

Diederik Van der Sijpe


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Hans Vandewijer


Hans has over 17 years of experience in software license auditing and advisory services related to various industry and business contractual relationships. As technology oriented manager, he has succe... More

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Jan is a partner in the Deloitte North South Europe Risk Advisory practice. As Deloitte’s global Extended Enterprise Risk Management (EERM) leader, Jan has over 21 years of experience advising clients... More