Business Continuity & Resilience

How does your company ensure the continuity of your business in case of a crisis or disaster? Deloitte will assist by assessing existing continuity processes and plans and by providing pragmatic recommendations or by helping to develop and maintain a BCM programme specified to your needs.

Crisis management: A day like any other


Une gestion efficace de la continuité dans le secteur public

Deloitte assiste ses clients dans l’évaluation de processus existants et l’ébauche d’amélioration de ces processus ainsi que dans l’élaboration de nouveaux processus en soutien à la gestion de la continuité des services.


Business continuity & resilience

Does your company have the necessary processes in place to ensure continuity in case of a disaster?


Pandemic planning

The effects of a business disruption can be wide-ranging. To protect your company, employees, customers and partners, an appropriate plan is required to respond to a pandemic threat.


Privacy & data protection

It should not come as a surprise that many organisations are in doubt about the status of their data privacy controls and wonder whether their data processing would stand up to detailed scrutiny.