Directors' Desk

The Belgian Directors' Desk aims to promote a dialogue on corporate governance amongst industry bodies, companies and their boards and management, professional services firms, academia, government and others


Five questions about risk committees

This issue of Risk Angles answers questions on the value of board risk committees and what’s involved in establishing one.


Risk Intelligent governance

Exploring six key areas of governance focus that can help strengthen risk management practices and increase shareholder value.


Deloitte Chair on Governance

Through a series of lectures to students, supporting scientifical research and the organisation of debates for directors, the Deloitte Chair on Governance actively participates to the governance debate.


Governance and Decision Rights

Effective governance has several implications on decision making and sustainable change.  This chapter outlines the negative implications of failure to adopt governance, as well as what is required for the implementation of an effective governance framework.

Rik Neckebroeck

Audit Leader

Partner, Audit