Deloitte at 'Dag van Inkoop en Logistiek'

In collaboration with VIB, Deloitte facilitated the stream on Consumer Industry goods

In light of the 21st ‘Dag van Inkoop en Logistiek’, organized by VIB, the organizational team touched upon a topic that is getting more and more attention across all industries: how can companies leverage the advantages from new, emerging technologies and ensure a good adoption by the current workforce at the same time? Going by the title “Invest in Technology, Embrace people” the seminar consisted of a broad audience of keynote speakers from all kinds of backgrounds: academic professors and industry experts.

During the plenary morning sessions, we had the chance to listen to the theoretical point of view on this subject. At the same time, we were guided through a practical example on how technology can help people to make progress and the impact on society (UBER use case). For the afternoon sessions, Deloitte hosted a stream that focused on the Consumer Goods industry. The four keynote speakers that were selected by the Deloitte team represented the following companies: Colruyt Group, P&G, Lantmannen Unibake and Globis.

Please find some more information about the discussed topics in what follows below:


Welcome unpredictability: continually redefining the retailer’s license to operate

In the XYZchannel commerce the linear supply chain is dead. We welcome supply networks, in which the ecosystem beyond a company’s walls is leveraged using digital technologies as key enabler and interchangeability of competencies and resources as fuel for change.

André Ceron, Director Logistics, Colruyt Group


Embrace disruption: nurturing supply chain innovation within a large corporate multinational 

Large incumbent, multinational consumer business organizations are witnessing day in day out a rising threat of being disrupted. Several innovative start-ups have succeeded in unlocking the code towards exponential success, by embracing technology and nurturing an extremely agile way of working that mimicks the pace with which our environment is changing. Who still remembers Kodak? Or Videoland? Procter & Gamble acknowledged the opportunity, not the threat, in disruption and introduced a “start-up-like” innovation center within its larger corporate operating model, characterized by its customer-centric approach, agility & speed of execution, and an outside-in mindset harnessing the power of the crowd.

André Convents, Connect+Develop & Innovation Leader, Procter & Gamble


Invest in digital: elevate your operations as driver for competitive advantage 

Whereas supply chains are traditionally characterized by a sequence of siloed steps, from source to make and deliver, digital technology allows us to build bridges between both ends of the supply chain –order to cash-. We see examples every day. From the self-ordering refrigerator to production lines dictating product design and steering raw material specifications. How do we design our shop floor to drive competitive advantage? What is the “factory of the future”? What is the role and impact of company culture in such digital transformations? Questions raised and answered by Lantmännen Unibake, the award-winning leader in bake off bread & pastry.

Hendrik Decock, Lantmannen Unibake – Pastridor


Open-source data: leveraging a shared technology platform as the new oil to fuel supply chain collaboration

Blockchain. Big data. Advanced analytics. Digital. Industry 4.0. Numerous terms are out there to describe new technologies that each hold value to optimize parts of the supply chain. Imagine that all of these elements come together, enabling collaboration across company boundaries with a set of connected data hubs to revolutionize supply chain optimization. GlobChain is a technology platform that enables actors in the ecosystem to optimize through collaboration, and is co-created by a consortium of mature software companies, university research groups and tech start-ups. Be inspired by a new vision on plug-and-play supply chain connectivity software, data science, visibility & data transparency, and machine learning. Learn about the applicability of these concepts on a consumer products use case being developed today.

Karel Van den Berghe, CEO, GlobChain (Globis)


Consumer Goods session was facilitated by Kevin Overdulve, Logistics Director of the Supply Chain & Operations team at Deloitte

Kevin is part of the Deloitte EMEA Management Team for Logistics and Distribution and fills the position of practice leader for the Retailing and Consumer Business industry. He has a strong expertise across the different segments of the Supply Chain.


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