Knowledge Alliance in Innovation Leadership

The Alliance

In 2016, Deloitte and Solvay Brussels School (SBS-EM) partnered to launch the “Knowledge Alliance in Innovation Leadership” which focuses on the need for a culture of innovation to be in place for corporations to create long term commercial success.

This alliance is led by John Metselaar, Professor of Management Practice in “Leading Innovation” at SBS-EM, and by Sam Sluismans, Innovation Services Partner at Deloitte Belgium. The Alliance aims to benchmark the “Love-of-Learning” Culture model developed by Professor Metselaar with experiences in companies and industries. By joining forces, Deloitte and SBS-EM want to share and build their knowledge in Innovation toward a case study that can help organisations enhance their innovation output.

Innovate better, faster, bolder and consistently

The lack of an integrated and effective culture of innovation can make it difficult for an organisation to produce innovation output that yields tangible business results. Yet efforts to build that culture often fall flat.

The Deloitte - Solvay Brussels School Knowledge Alliance in Innovation Leadership offers several types of exclusive events to help you exchange views and experiences with your peers and generate the insights needed to build an effective, productive and sustainable culture of innovation.

The Innovation Model

Strengthen the innovation competence in your organisation by establishing a love-of-learning culture.

After more than five years of studying, benchmarking, learning and applying a culture of innovation first within Procter & Gamble and recently at SBS-EM, Professor John Metselaar has identified that the key to achieving business results through innovation is establishing a learning culture.

Three pillars underpin the learning culture:

Authentic, Engaged and Supportive leadership, individual intrinsic motivation, and relationships built through constructive collaboration by including diversity.

Professor Metselaar’s model now needs to be benchmarked with companies for corroboration, refinement, and application.

Upcoming events

On 5 December Yves Van Durme, Deloitte Belgium Human Capital Lead, and John Metselaar, Professor of Management Practice in Leading Innovation, will be presenting what it takes to establish a true culture of innovation within large firms at the Solvay Business Voice Series. Through their Knowledge Alliance in Innovation Leadership, Deloitte and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) want to help organisations grow the competencies needed to tackle this challenge.

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