Deloitte’s Advisory Board solutions – Turning your questions into answers

An evolving healthcare ecosystem, is creating a confluence of roles of multiple stakeholders, vertical integration of stakeholders, patient-centric strategies and improved patient access and understanding the role of non-traditional/adjacent industries entering the lifesciences space.

Advisory boards are key to cutting through this complexity and gathering insights across all stages of product development and commercialization. When planning an Advisory Board, medical teams need to think not just about the output, but about a clearly articulated ‘purpose’, assembling the right blend of stakeholders who are truly vested in the space, setting expectations and boundaries and in the ability to plan a spotless event with the appropriate methodology and right people at the table.


An Advisory Board enables to find answers, in an unbiased and trustworthy manner, to key strategic, market access, medical and patient engagement related questions that life sciences companies may face throughout a product’s lifecycle.

An outside-in perspective needs to be credible and more importantly capture the viewpoints of the stakeholders, Insights collected should be able to capture ‘told’ and ‘untold’ facts from the Ad Board in certain situations and provide guidance on several strategically critical aspects right from molecule development, proof of concept studies, unmet needs and value definitions, clinical trial and patient value, patient centric support program design, pricing and market access related questions.

Deloitte’s HEOR Team has developed a unique methodology, built on several successful engagements, to ensure the design and delivery of a highly engaging and meaningful advisory board.

We can assist with:

Planning and subject matter experts selection;
Preparation for the advisory board including developing the frameworks and discussion materials, preparing with stakeholders
Facilitating and running the event;
Reporting the results
Capturing tangible and actionable next steps


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